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Monday, October 1, 2007

First Impressions

I have so many pictures to share that I'm going to have to take it in shifts. :) Today I'm posting pictures of our resort and our first impressions of being there. This is me when we first arrived in our room. Each night they come in to pull back your sheets and leave a mint. I didn't like the mints so I would just set it aside on the bedside table. Then the next night they would leave a new mint. I don't think they ever caught the drift that I didn't really want a new mint. Funny! I guess they were just doing their job.
Here is our view from the balcony. I noticed that none of the rooms really have an oceanfront view. I wonder if that helps to protect the rooms or the windows from hurricane damage.

These pictures are our first view of the beach when we arrived. When we flew into Cancun it had been raining really hard and a storm was moving out. The colors at the beach were very beautiful - the dark cloudy sky against the bright blue water. I don't think this picture quite does it justice, but you can still see the contrast. The water was bright blue even when the sky was dark. Pretty amazing!

These next pictures are of the first morning we were there, after having rained the day before. This is a walkway that we would use to get from one place to another. I really enjoyed all the lush green growth everywhere.

Here is Jeremy, trying to figure out what in the heck this is. :)

Here is the building we stayed in. The stucco down there is quite different than here. It has a very thick, and almost softer texture.

The front of our hotel entrance.
This is the first view we had of the pool when we came out of our room. That is a swim-up bar in the covered area.
We ate lunch in this building each day. It was a grill and buffet. Their buffet wasn't too appetizing to me - mostly I just wanted a good old American salad. The only thing they had to put on salad was lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Then there was a huge variety of other kinds of foods - mostly mexican.

I thought it was quite interesting how all the buildings everywhere are open to the outside. There are no windows, just open air. Mostly it made it quite relaxing because the climate was comfortable. Also, birds liked to fly through this building a lot. They would wait for someone to leave the table, then go get the food. We never left our table un-monitered. Of course Jeremy and his friend, Jared, would always throw food out to the birds to make them come closer. At least we never got pooped on. Then it wouldn't have seemed quite so cool.

The pool just keeps on going and going and going. We ended up wearing a swimsuit almost all day every day because it was so hot and humid that a dip in the pool or ocean was a great way to cool down. The ocean was as warm, or warmer than the pool. All the water was quite comfortable.

This is our view of the ocean from the pool.
I think this is the culprit of most of my trip weight. At this swim-up bar and all throughout the resort we enjoyed the all-inclusive drinks (non-alcoholic for us, of course). At any time you could go request a drink and they would make it for you. I enjoyed non-stop margueritas, daquiris, and coladas. My most favorite was the Mango Colada. MMMMMMM! If you are ever down there, ask for it, cause it's the bomb! Jeremy's favorite was a Miami Vice. That is a Strawberry Daquiri mixed with a Pina Colada.

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