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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Great Baby Traveler!!

Alexandra was such a great baby to travel with for the entire trip. She was happy to just be carried around everywhere. Even on the plane she made barely a peep! The nice thing about taking her with me was that I didn't get mauled when we went into the flea markets. Most people were just enthralled by her and didn't bug me as much about buying everything. I really was surprised at how often we were stopped by people because of her.

When we were at Chichen-Itza I had a hard time keeping up with our group when we first got there because I got swarmed by a group of women and little girls who were supposed to be selling stuff, but came to see the baby. I'm happy she got to come along!

Each night we would take a walk along the beach after dinner. The relaxing sound of the waves put Alexandra to sleep every time.

Our friends, Jared and Amanda, also brought along their little baby boy. His name is Dylan. It was so nice to have someone else there with a baby. We traded off watching kids so we could go do the things we wanted to do. Unfortunately for them, Dylan was sick for most of the trip with a really bad cold. He is getting better now.

On Monday we went to Playa del Carmen and took the ferry from there to Cozumel. This was our big shopping day and also our snorkeling day. I had never snorkeled before so I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun! I can't believe you just float on the top of the water. I didn't even use a life jacket, I just stayed up!! For those of you who have done it before, I'm sure you're initial response is, DUH! For me, it was quite a revelation, and a lot of fun. :)

Here are some pictures of us in Playa del Carmen. We are walking down the long strip of shops down to the ferry.

This is the ferry that we took to Cozumel. I wanted to ride on the top where we could get a good view of the ocean and feel the wind. Once the ferry started going, this band came and started to play Mexican music really loud. It was too loud for Alexandra and I. I was so annoyed. Mostly I just wanted to be up there because I thought it would be neat and peaceful. I realized that they would want a tip for playing their music that I didn't want to listen to anyway, so we went inside and downstairs. Here is the view we ended up with instead.

When we got to Cozumel we found a tour to take us snorkeling. Here is our friends, Jared and Amanda, getting ready to go. I also included a picture of the dock we left from.
While we were out snorkeling, the tour guides fed the fish tortillas so they would come closer and swarm us. A group of really big fish came by and decided to try nibbling on me instead! I felt it bite the top of my arm. I started to freak out in the water for a second, but then calmed down. It was a weird feeling to have them swimming all around me. I did see a huge school of thousands of fish at the bottom (about 30 feet deep) and also a baracuda. Thank goodness it wasn't the baracuda that tried to eat me!!

After snorkeling we went to a bunch of shops at Cozumel. Here is a picture of where we walked in.

We shopped for a little while and then all 4 of us really had to use the bathroom. We asked a shopkeeper where it was and he told us to go up to the 2nd floor and we would see a bathroom around the corner. Well, we hurried up there, lo and behold to find this:

A lady who is making a living by sitting outside of the bathroom door! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! She "kindly" opened the door for me, closed it behind me, and then gave me a paper towel when I came out. Surely there is a better way she could spend her time and at least DOUBLE her income. Good grief. I paid her a coin that I think was worth about 20 cents.

Here is the shopping center as seen from the bathroom, from above.

We took a couple more pictures from the ferry dock at Cozumel before leaving for the day.

In the background is the cruise ship that Jeremy and I took to Ensenada and Catalina. That same exact ship just happened to be docked at Cozumel the day we were there. Funny coincidence.

This is Jeremy and I later that night at the seafood restaurant at the resort. That drink was the best thing I ate in the restaurant all night. Actually, I had some salmon that was pretty good. I'm not much of a seafood lover and most of the stuff there looked disgusting to me. Thank goodness for the drinks!!

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