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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Activities - Park and Pumpkins

Last Friday the kids were out of school and it was a perfectly warm, fall day. I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take them to the park before we can't go anymore. They all had so much fun! Cathy and her kids met us there to play.

This is the best part about watching kids go down these slides - the HAIR! It's so cute! :) They don't know why we are watching them and smiling so big!

Athena and Ashley spent a lot of time on their acorn collection. At the end of the park trip, Athena was so disappointed that we couldn't take some home. She did, actually, enjoy that luxury a couple of years ago. Once we got them home, the worms that live inside the acorns ate through the acorns and ended up all over my kitchen counter. I didn't know this would happen and only learned of the truth after the gruesome discovery. NEVER AGAIN ATHENA! Sorry.

Uh . . . but the collection was still fun. :)

Could we get any more people on this slide, please? They are all SO CUTE!

Our next fall activity was to carve pumpkins. We did this last night for Family Home Evening. Athena, Samantha, and Nathan LOVED getting their hands all goopy in the pumpkins.

I ended up cutting Samantha and Nathan's pumpkins, and Jeremy cut Athena's.

Here is the finished product, out on the porch! I mean the pumpkins, not the kids. Samantha chose to have hers be a mad face, Nathan wanted Jack Skellington - the "pumpkin king", and Athena wanted a traditional jack-o-lantern face. Athena actually did the artwork for hers and Jeremy did the cutting. Good job Athena!

Here is one last clip just to show how much fun we had. There is no sound because we took this video with our digital camera, but please, feel free to enjoy the movement.

Oh, I have to explain why Athena started out looking so goofy in this video. She thought Jeremy was going to snap a photo and was holding her pose. LOL!

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