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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Afternoon in the Park

On Saturday we spent the afternoon with my family in the park playing, eating, and having an Easter egg hunt, then playing some more. That about sums it up our activities there. The sky was all clouded over, but miraculously it didn't rain throughout the whole time we were outside! We did have a fun time. :) I always love spending time with my family.

Alexandra just LOVES the swings! Whenever I put her on the swing she just giggles the whole time while I'm pushing her.

Jeremy came along to relieve me from pushing for a little while.

Nathan and Claire on the swings.

Samantha and Athena after a long ride on the slide.

Lisa was trying to push both Nathan and Claire at the same time but found, to her surprise, that her right arm is stronger than her left! Lucky Nathan, he was on the right.

Jeremy decided to give Alexandra a taste of the big times by twisting her swing and letting her spin. She loved this too!

Nathan attemped the monkey bars. He still doesn't quite understand how to get going, so he gets about this far and then I have to run over and catch him. I looked at this picture and wondered why Lisa was in such a hurry. Glad I captured that as well.

After playing for a little while we ate. Katelyn was a little hungrier than the rest of us and didn't have time to get a plate.

Finally after all that playing and eating it was time for the egg hunt. Lucky for us there were hardly any people in the park. We had a huge area to hide the eggs in and it was fun for the kids. Surprisingly all the eggs got found too! I think this is the first year all the kids had the right amount of eggs.

We let the littlest kids start first, then sent the bigger kids last to clean house. Alexandra was really fun to watch this year. She caught on quickly and excitedly ran from place to place picking up eggs. We had to stop her from hunting so some eggs would be left for the older kids.

Nathan also found his share of the eggs quickly and immediately delved in to see what surprises awaited him in the eggs.

OOPS! Now his surprises are all over the ground!

Samantha is proudly displaying her find. :)

And here is Athena in action.

Got it!

Here are Samantha and Alexandra working together. :) Cute.

I love to watch the kids after the hunt. It's so much fun to see them so excited about what they found! A lot of the kids just sat down where they were on the ground and started opening up their eggs to see what was inside.

Here is Alexandra (and Jeremy) discovering all that shiny wrapped candy.
Then, when all the eggs were found and opened, we were back on the playground for more fun.

Me and Alexandra.

I tried playing too. Unfortunately my balance isn't the greatest and I kept falling off. I guess it was fun while it lasted. :)
This was just the start of our Easter festivities. Thankfully the rain held off until just as we were all getting ready to leave. This turned out to be a nice afternoon!


Shnopa said...

I like your narrative. You are so creative. And I agree this was a fun day. We were prepared and dressed warm and that made up for the colder weather. It was wonderful having the park nearly to ourselves. That is rare.

Lori-ann said...

Awe - that looked like so much fun. The whole Dicken's clan was there! I love you guys!!!

dena4kids said...

Looks like you had a great time with your family.=) Happy late Easter!

Lisa said...

That was a lot of fun. You got some great pictures. We always do have a great time whenever we get together. I was bummed about having to leave before everyone else, but I suppose I had good reason (you know).

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