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Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Are You Doing THAT?

This morning I decided to get up a little earlier than usual and go out of my way to actually MAKE breakfast. Normally on school days I give the kids either cereal or eggs. I thought it would be special for the kids to have a nice change.

I did according to my plan - got up early, showered, and went into the kitchen to start cooking.

I got the pan out and on the stove and started mixing up the pancake batter when curious Athena wandered into the kitchen. She said to me with a little laugh, "Mom, WHAT are you doing?!!"

I said, "I'm making pancakes. :)"

She replied with surprise, "Why are you doing THAT?"

Ha ha . . . well excuse me!! I never should have deviated from the norm. But for the record, the kids loved the pancakes.


Shnopa said...

That's funny. I can hear Athena saying that. She speaks slowly and reminds me a lot of Lisa. Is she the last one done eating at your house? I'm glad they liked the pancakes. You're a great mom!

Naomi said...

Heaven forbid that you should make something SPECIAL! I still like pancakes and I'm OLD. I'm glad they enjoyed them.

Lisa said...

That's funny. Yesterday when I pulled out the cereal for breakfast, Nathan groaned and asked why we have to eat cereal every day. I ended up giving him a slice of leftover pizza from the night before and he was happy. Secretly I vowed to myself that I would make breakfast the next morning (today), and I ended up making waffles. They were a hit.

It's funny to me that when we were growing up, cereal was the special breakfast. Now the tables are turned, and it's the home-cooked ones our kids crave.

I think I'll post this article I am making on your comment screen on my blog too. :)

dena4kids said...

LOL! Kids crack me up!=)

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