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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we do at least 2 Easter egg hunts. One with my side of the family, and one with Jeremy's side. They both happened to fall on the same day this year. We hosted the party at our house, but because the weather was cold and stormy, we all opted to have the hunt indoors, in our basement! We don't really have that many places to hide eggs in our basement once you take out the bedrooms and the storage room, which I did. Those rooms were off limits because I didn't really care to find eggs in those rooms a few months later! Needless to say, we had about a million eggs and nowhere for them to go. The kids didn't really seem to mind anyway, so it turned out to not be a big deal.

I feel a little guilty that most of the pictures I got of our hunts this year were of Nathan and Alexandra. Admittedly, they are just the most fun to watch! Little kids get so excited about that kind of stuff. :) Here is Alexandra finding an egg by the baseboard. We let the little kids go first, again, followed by the bigger kids later.
Athena and Samantha are scouring the bookshelf for eggs.

Nathan reviewing his spoils, and uncle Mike doing some taste-testing. I'm glad I got this picture of Nathan with Mike because Nathan absolutely ADORES his uncle Mike. He always asks if we can go and visit him. Every time Mike is around, Nathan is right by his side. It's so cute! It makes me happy that they have that relationship.

Alexandra and Samantha are checking out all their eggs.

I was beside myself with how cute Alexandra was on this 2nd Easter egg hunt. I have never seen a little toddler as eager, excited, and aggressive as she was on this hunt. From the moment we let her down the stairs her eyes were darting around the room faster than her feet could follow. She ran from egg to egg saying, "Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg!" She found the ones down low, she found the ones up high, she even found the ones that were secretly hidden behind pillows and books! She found her allotment of eggs almost immediately and wouldn't stop gathering. Within just a couple of minutes she had swept through the library picking up eggs and then into the theater room. She had so many eggs that Jeremy had to keep sneaking handfuls of eggs out of her basket and re-hiding them so the big kids would have eggs to find when they were let loose.

Finally when all the eggs were found, we all took a break in the theater room while Grandma Lynda handed out her specially prepared Easter gifts for all the kids. That was very thoughtful of her. Thanks Grandma!

Again, this was a fun evening for everyone! Glad it all went off without a hitch!

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The Allreds said...

looked like a great hunt. we did ours indoors's still cold here in the mornings, we have church at 9am so the hunt was early! Alexandra looked sooo happy! Hard to fathom she's talking!! Boy, they grow up too fast!

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