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Thursday, April 16, 2009

This and That

This morning I woke up and realized I was dreaming that I was on American Idol. I was all dressed up nice and ready to go out on stage when I realized that my makeup wasn't done. I went in to hurry and put some makeup on, and in my rush I put on a blob of blush that made a big orange circle. I didn't have time to fix it because I also realized that I didn't really know the song I was supposed to sing. Then I started freaking out because I didn't know the tune or the words. I copied down the words on a piece of paper and was going over and over them in my head trying to make them stick before the curtain opened for me to go out. Finally they called my name and I stepped out onto the stage, trying to dazzle the audience with my beautiful dress. The music started and I looked over to the side of the stage to see one of the other contestants (the most popular contestant) playing the accompaniment for me on the piano. Then when it was time for me to start singing, she started singing my song brilliantly into her microphone! I don't know if she was trying to cover for me because I didn't know my song or what, but as soon as she started singing, Simon jumped out of his seat and started screaming at her for singing my song. She jumped up and ran backstage and there was this big deal over the whole thing. I do remember it got me out of singing my song! Later in my dream she died. Huh?

- - - - -

I've been trying to get the kids to eat oatmeal. I know it takes a few tries for kids to get used to something new, so I've been giving it to them in small doses. :) Yesterday morning I made oatmeal and toast for them. I gave each of them a very small portion of oatmeal and they gobbled it up. Then they surprised me by asking for more! So this morning I asked them, "Do you want cold cereal or oatmeal for breakfast?" All 3 older kids yelled out in unison, "OATMEAL!!!" Wow! I made double the amount as I made yesterday and they all gobbled it up again. Hooray! This is a success in my book!

- - - - -

As I sit here typing on my blog, Athena is in the shower and I can hear her singing "The Little Mermaid" song. I wonder if her eyes are watering because of the beautiful tones in the shower and the tears are being wiped away by the falling water. It's cute to hear her singing in the shower!

- - - - -

This morning when I went to get Alexandra out of her crib, I noticed her diaper was sitting on the floor. She was still wearing her pajamas and they were all the way zipped up, like normal. I felt her little bum and sure enough, no diaper! She had taken off her dirty diaper, threw it on the floor to get rid of it, and dressed herself again. She was sitting there happily playing with her dolls. Hmmmm . . . to potty train or not to potty train?

- - - - -

Why on earth is the ground covered in snow when it is supposed to be Spring Break??


Lisa said...

You have the weirdest dreams. Did you wake up and breathe a sigh of relief?

We went through a big oatmeal phase, so we've really stocked up, and now it hardly gets eaten. Grrrrr!! I'm glad your kids like it. It is quite delicious.

I hope Athena's eyes were watering. Sometimes it's nice to feel like we're beautiful by making beautiful tones.

Yes, potty train.


dena4kids said...

You do have some crazy dreams girl!=)
I love to hear my kids sing, Eliza loves to sing when no one is around.

My theory on potty training is....if they are old enough to take off their diaper and change themselves...then yeah, it's time.=) GOOD LUCK!

Megz said...

How come your dreams seem much more dramatic than mine?

Shnopa said...

That was like a big stir fry. Maybe I'll start posting my dreams too. I also have very vivid dreams. I dream a lot about houses with lots of rooms and secret passageways. I like the diaper story the best though. I love those cute little tiny bums with no diaper. And it's awesome that Alexandra will dress herself. She's so cute!

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