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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Obedient

Last week for one of Athena and Samantha's home lunches, I cut up fresh strawberries and put them all nice in a container for each of them in their lunch boxes. I don't usually have strawberries on hand, so I thought they would really enjoy the treat.

When Samantha came home from school she was upset. At lunch time, she was sitting there with her lunch spread in front of her when an older girl came and just dumped Samantha's strawberries out across the table! I asked Samantha why the girl did that and Samantha said she didn't know, she said that the girl just came and dumped them for no reason. That made me so mad!! I told Samantha that it was NOT OK for the girl to treat her like that. I don't understand what makes kids be so mean! I told her that she needs to not let kids treat her that way and she needs to stand up for herself.

When Jeremy got home I told him about it and he was just as mad. He said to her, "Next time you see her in the lunchroom, you need to walk over to her, take her food, throw it on the floor, and step on it!" He was REALLY mad that someone was treating his kid that way.

Well, yesterday when Samantha got home from school, she said, "Mom, do you know what I did today?"

"What?" I asked.

She said, "Today at lunch, that girl who threw my strawberries on the table came up to me when I was eating my lunch and she said to me - scoot over!

I said NO! And the girl said SCOOT OVER and gave me a push. And I said NO! Go sit somewhere else! (that girl is older than Samantha)

Then, when she was sitting down, I walked over to her and I took her pizza off her tray. Then I threw it on the ground and stepped on it! Then I threw it in the garbage."

LOLOLOL! I can't believe Samantha actually did that! She carried out her father's threat exactly!

After Samantha did this to that girl's lunch, the girl said, "What was that for?" Samantha told her, "Because you threw my strawberries on the table." Then the girl said, "OK, you win."

I would never laugh about it if she was the first offender or if I didn't know the whole situation, but just seeing it play out in my mind is sweet justice. Samantha is one kid who really stands her ground. I'm hoping this doesn't start a back and forth lunch battle, but serves it's purpose in that Samantha will not be the target of this school bully. I'm proud of her for standing up for herself!


Bigskibum said...

Yes my girl stands her ground very well and it is so funny that she did what I told her too.. I think that it was great that she did that so the girl knows to not do that not only to my kids but other kids too... WAY TO GO SAMANTHA!!!

Megz said...

We've had a few talks with Mitch about standing up for himself as well. I think they get mixed signals sometimes with the lectures on ignoring rude behavior and being polite even when others are mean.
I'm glad she could stand up for herself and even more amazed she didn't get in trouble. Pizza is a hot item at that school!

Cynthia said...

Way to go Samantha! I hope that girl lives in fear from this day forward. It is so important in the world we are raising our children to teach them to stand their ground.

dena4kids said...

Way to go Samantha! I am glad that she will leave you alone!

Matt and Cristina said...

That is so cool!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed with sweet Samantha!

Lisa said...

I've had several laughs over this one. Samantha is such a sweet girl that it cracks me up to hear what she did. Way to stand your ground, Samantha! Maybe that girl will grow up to be like Biff in Back to the Future who turns into the nerd's go-to guy.

Shnopa said...

That is AWESOME!! Samantha is suck a perky quirky girl. I love her and I'm so happy she stood up for herself. That is really a brave thing to do. If you let people walk on you they will. Samantha doesn't allow that. I do think it's a learned behavior either way. Good for her!

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