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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hershey Track Meet

This is Athena's first year participating in the Hershey Track Meet. She was so excited for me to come and watch her. Unfortunately Alexandra has been sick with the flu since Sunday, so I had to tell Athena that I didn't think I was going to be able to make it. She was soooo disappointed and was crying about it the night before.

The morning of the track meet, Alexandra was still sick and I really wasn't sure what to do in order to please them both. Sometimes it's so hard to be the mom! I decided to let Alexandra sleep for the first part of the morning. Then I packed her and Nathan up in the stroller and walked over to the track to meet Athena.

When I got there, she was sitting on the bleachers eating her lunch. I snuck up and surprised her! She was so happy that I came!! So, I'm so happy that I went!! :) Athena had already completed 2 events, the long jump and the 50 meter run. I did make it in time to see her run in her last race, the 100 meter. Here she is running (she is in the red circle).
Here is Athena after she finished her race. I'm really happy I was able to come and show her that I support her. It turns out she finished last in her race, but I'm proud of her for trying hard. Like mother like daughter I guess. I was always last in my races when I was little too! She didn't seem to care about that, though. She just seemed to be having fun. :)

While I was there, we went to the snack shack and I got her some nachos, and some skittles for Nathan. Then I had the luxury of checking Athena out of school early (it was only noon) and she got to walk home with us. Alexandra ended up falling asleep in the back of the stroller, so it turned out to be not so bad for her either.


dena4kids said...

Good for her! I have always amired people who did track. The only way I would run is if someone was chasing me,and even then it would be my last resort!=)

Lisa said...

She looks so excited and happy. I'm glad you got to surprise her. Great running, Athena!

Megz said...

I cheered for Athena during one of her races. It's fun to see kids enjoying themselves regardless of the outcome!

The Allreds said...

oh, this makes me homesick. I couldn't wait for Sara to get to join in at that think we missed it by months. glad you got to be there for Athena!

Cynthia said...

Track day was always so fun. To me it meant the end of the school year was almost there. I'm glad you got to go see her.

Shnopa said...

I love surprising my kids. It sounds like you do too. Athena looks so happy and I'm very pleased with her for running and not worrying about winning. She should keep it up and she'll always look great just like her mom. You don't have to BE the best. You just need to DO your best.

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