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Monday, April 6, 2009

Love "The Sound of Music"?

OK, so I'm cheating. I saw this on Aprilyn's blog and I LOVE IT!!! For some very odd reason, it even brought a tear to my eye. :) I wish I could have been there - I'd have been right in the middle! (Remember to pause the music at the bottom of my blog before you play this video.)


Lisa said...

That was awesome! It brought a tear to my eye too.

Mama Cat said...

How totally awesome! I wonder whose idea this was, and why. The macarena cracked me up, for some reason, as did the old lady in green at 2:38. This would've been so fun! I don't know if it would work in America, though...hmmmm. Maybe we could experiment!! ;)

Aprilyn said...

How about trying it at JFK airport or in the subway station? I think it would be SO FUNNY!!! I doubt it would go over well in America, though I wish it would. I totally love this! I've watched it so many times. I'm gonna watch it again.

Shnopa said...

That was great. Thank you for posting it. It brought a tear to my eye as well. Whether it was orchestrated or not, I don't think everyone involved knew the plan. I think it's amazing to see people come together so easily. Most of the time when we're in a crowd we're looking at the (using your word) MIGs and laughing at people who are different. It's nice to see people come together for once and share joy and laughter. We really are children of our Heavenly Father. I wish everyone knew that and acted accordingly.

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