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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bored on a Sunday

What do you do when you are bored on a Sunday? Here is what we do!

It never occurred to me that my kids have never been exposed to this kind of entertainment before. Jeremy was laying on the ottoman and was talking with his head upside down when it reminded me of this. I ran and put a face on my chin and started singing to the kids. They were all going crazy! Then of course everyone wanted to be in on the fun. Samantha is on the left in the pink, Athena on the right in the green.

This is Nathan giving it a try.

He wouldn't leave the clothes over his nose, so it turns out that his chin face has a chin.

The girls had quite a time singing to us and making silly faces. We were all laughing so hard! Jeremy got out the video camera and filmed them singing. Then we all ran down to the theater room to watch it. LOL! What else do you do when you still have an hour left before bedtime?
These videos are meant to show the kids in action. Sorry there is no sound - I took them with my digital camera. Still funny to watch, though. It spiced up our evening. :)


Aprilyn said...

We LOVE chin people!!! They are so fun. Ok, one of these Sundays we have to get together for dinner. Then we can show them midgets! They would LOVE that one too. It's histerical!

dena4kids said...

That is so funny! I don't think my kids have seen it either come to think of it! We will have to try them.=)

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