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Saturday, November 22, 2008

French Bread Pancake

I made french bread for my first time yesterday. I was quite excited to try it because I LOVE a good, hot piece of french bread fresh from the oven. It was easier to make than I would have thought, but then I really messed up. I let it raise and it looked perfect, then I brushed on egg whites and used a knife to make cuts across the top. I didn't realize I was supposed to perform these actions BEFORE raising the dough. OOPS! My dough fell and looked like a sorry little lump in the middle of the cookie sheet. I had planned on using the bread to make garlic bread, but you can't really make garlic bread when there isn't a surface to spread the garlic on!

I cooked it up anyway and it smelled and tasted WONDERFUL! The picture doesn't truly reflect the flatness of the finished loaf. It only stands about an inch high and is about 5 inches wide. At least the mess-up didn't affect the flavor. I'm going to have to try it again with my newly found knowledge of what order I should complete the steps in the baking process.


Shnopa said...

You've told me about many of your mess-ups and I thought this one was funny. You always 'make do.' I'm sure your next bread will be a masterpiece. I agree that fresh french bread right out of the oven is the best ever.

I made it once and it turned out perfect. nanny nanny nanny

Cynthia said...

When I read the 1-inch high and 5 inches wide comment, I busted out laughing. The problem is I wasn't expecting to laugh so suddenly so it spurted out of my mouth with a big glob of drool. Thanks a lot!

big8smiley said...

LOL! I got a great mental image of that one! Glad I could provide you with a "moment". I knew the bread would bring happiness.

Lisa said...

Don't worry, Renee'. You're not the only one who's made a french bread pancake. I still had a good laugh over yours, though.

dena4kids said...

It still looks good! I love your yeast rolls you made at Ricks!YUMMY!!

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