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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keep God in Schools

I was thinking today about our freedoms that we enjoy. Then my thoughts turned to the schools, and how my kids are unable to enjoy a lot of the freedoms that I enjoyed in my classroom when I was younger - prayer, Christmas songs, discussion of ALL the religions, etc. Then I thought how sad it is that kids can't even pray in school. I need to remind my kids that they can still say prayers anytime anywhere, even when they are at school, and no one can stop that. Then I remembered this cute thing that Samantha's teacher told me at the last SEP conference:

Samantha's teacher was trying to explain to the kids at the beginning of the year different words that were not allowed in the classroom. They were things like, "I can't" and mean words. Samantha's teacher called them "dead words". So the class was coming up with a list of dead words. Some of the kids weren't quite grasping the concept of a dead word, so the teacher asked the kids what "dead" means.

Samantha raised her hand and explained to the class that when you are dead, your spirit leaves your body but your body is still here on the earth. She said that your spirit goes to heaven to live with Heavenly Father and it waits there until you are resurrected. Then she went on to explain a mini version of the plan of salvation, right there in the classroom.

I'm so proud of Samantha for listening well when she is taught and for not being afraid to share what she knows to be true! I need to teach my kids the correct principles in the home. Even if the law doesn't allow this kind of discussion in the school, there is nothing they can do when a wonderful innocent child chooses to respond in the classroom with her knowledge of what is true. Through correct teachings, I still don't believe that God can be kicked out of the schools.


dena4kids said...

I am grateful for the testimonies of our children. I am also grateful that my kids go to such a small school that it is like a step back in time. They don't get to pray, but they do everything else.=) They are taught why we celebrate christmas, giving christian handouts, you name it.The joys of southern country livin!

Lisa said...

That is really cute. What a perfect little missionary. Sounds like she didn't even hesitate to say what she knows to be true. I, as an adult, could use a good lesson on that every once in a while.

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