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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lip Gloss Queen

Yes, I AM the lip gloss queen. I love lip gloss and am utterly addicted to the stuff! I have lip gloss in a wide variety of brands, colors, scents, and mediums. At any given time I can go through any one of my jackets, new or old, and discover a lip gloss that has been there for any length of time and apply it in a snap.

Recently I found that I have a little follower who is now competing for my newest flavors. I was sitting in the office by the computer when I heard my bedroom door close ever so quietly. I got up after a minute to go check why my door was being closed. When I went in, there was no one in my room. I walked around my bed only to find no one on the other side of my bed. Then I heard a little giggle.

I looked UNDER the bed to find Alexandra! She was hiding there and peeking out as I walked from side to side. She had one lip gloss in each hand and was alternating which one went into her mouth!! Smart girl. She had to climb up my vanity to get it in the first place! Looks like I'm going to have to be a little more protective of my lip gloss.


Shnopa said...

I have had many lip gloss/chapsticks ruined by little fingers, which fit into the tube quite nicely. I think the first one I ever lost was to my little brother, Robert. That's right, I'll never forget.


big8smiley said...

That's a grudge worth holding on to, let me tell you. I hope he's been made to pay for that tenfold! LOL

Mama Cat said...

My daughter is also an addict. She found Chapstick in my parents' room one time, and after that, she ran straight for their room every time we walked into their house. She got her very own package for her b-day and has loved that, but she still eats it and smears it all over her lipular area. And yet, I still decided to order 12 scented/flavored chapsticks for her stocking. Am I nuts? Yeah, probably.

Aprilyn said...

Oh funny. Alexandra..who else? I totally thought it was her before you said it.
I heard a story about chapstick once. A family was late for church and they were trying to hurry and get everyone in the car but they couldn't find one little boy. So, the mom went back in looking for him and found him in the bathroom applying HER chapstick (which she used OFTEN) to the cats bottom. The mom asked why and the boy said, "Chapped."
I'm glad she wasn't applying it to anything else. :)

Megz said...

You can't blame a girl for wanting luxurious smackers!
Maybe if they made a veggie flavored kind less kiddies would feel like putting them on their lips.

Cynthia said...

Since we're all sharing lip gloss stories, I'll share one too.

When I was a senior in high school I had just gotten a new strawberry lip gloss from Avon. I went to seminary and had it in my purse with me. A guy that sat behind me, Robert Manookin, sneaked into my purse and took it out. He came up behind me and attacked me with it. He smeared it all on my face and smashed it into my earring. I was sooooo mad! I angrily told him I hated him. Up till then we had been acquaintance/friends. We never really talked again after that. In hind sight I realized that he probably liked me. He likely was acting like an extremely immature guy acts when he likes a girl. They do mean and stupid things. Poor guy. I probably crushed him. To this day I can't stand the smell of strawberry lipgloss.

dena4kids said...

I just always wash mine in my jeans and ruin tons of loads of laundry. (Well that was more lipstick than lipgloss. Luckily the lid stays on most of the time with lip gloss.)

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