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Friday, November 14, 2008

Time Out Fun?

This morning, as I was driving the girls to school, Nathan wouldn't stop spitting in the car. I told him if he spit one more time he would have to sit in time out when we got home. He spit one more time.

I put him in time out. He has to sit with his back against the wall. Apparently it was so much fun that Alexandra just HAD to join him. She gathered together all her things, sat down, and had a ball! That kind of ruined the whole time out thing, so Nathan got to be done and come talk about it.

Alexandra is into the copying phase, and she makes everything a party. Today in the car, when I told Nathan "no", I heard a perfect little "no" echo me from the back of the car! Yes, it was her.


Aprilyn said...

We have spitting problems here too. Oh so fun huh? Not.

Mama Cat said...

Ditto. Although it's not as bad as it used to be. I tell Catherine if she's going to spit, she needs to go somewhere by herself until she's done. May not be the best solution, but it usually works for her because she HATES being alone! Most of the time, she just says "I'm done!"

Tamlynn said...

Renee! Your kids are adorable. And you look exactly the same. You are beautiful. So fun to catch up with you.

dena4kids said...

Don't you just love time out?!! Yeah right! Noah does things just so he can go to the naughty chair. Go figure!=)

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