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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I don't actually have proof that we went trick or treating. I realized after all was said and done that although I had the camera by me the whole evening, I forgot to take any in-action photos! I do have all the pictures of our costumes, though.

Jeremy dressed up as a rocker to go to work. He sure does look the part! When I got up in the morning he was getting ready to go to work. I didn't have my contacts in yet and when I went into the bathroom I just saw this huge unrecognizable hairy thing standing in front of the mirror. YUCK! Thank goodness MY husband cuts his hair and shaves. I actually thought his costume was pretty funny.

After Jeremy left, it was my job to get the girls all fixed up and ready to go to school in their costumes. This year Athena chose to be Cruella de Vil. Mostly she chose this because she wanted to wear this big fur coat to school and tried to think of a costume to fit the coat. It was a good idea, she got to wear the coat, and she looks great as Cruella.

I had to get a picture of her smiling too!

Samantha chose to be a barbie. She was mostly set on wearing this wig. She looks so cute and petite, just like a real barbie! She really can pull it off!

After getting the girls off to school, I had a little bit of time to relax. Nathan was excited to be 4 years old and just kept reminding me of that all morning long because it was his birthday. Right after lunch I hurried and dressed up Nathan and Alexandra so we could head over to see the girls walk in their Halloween parades at school.

Nathan dressed up as Jack Sparrow. His favorite part about the costume is that he had a cool little belt to slide his sword into.

As I was taking picture of Nathan, Alexandra as the Bumble Bee decided to slip in beside him. She loves being in front of the camera.

How can you resist giving her candy? Alexandra came into me when I first woke up and handed me her costume so I could put it on her. She didn't complain at all about wearing it all day.

I hurried to the school and Jeremy was able to leave work in time to meet me there and we enjoyed sitting by our neighbors and watching the kids parade in front of us in their costumes. I can't believe all the different costumes! There are a lot of really creative moms out there. Here is Samantha as she passed us.

Then Athena came by with her class. Thank goodness Jeremy took this picture because I didn't even see her until she was had passed. All that waiting in the gym to see the back of her head. What a bummer.

After the parade, Jeremy took the 2 little kids home and I stayed to attend Athena and Samantha's class parties. I'm really glad I stayed. I went into Samantha's classroom for the first 1/2 hour and played some games with the kids. I was also able to help lead in a game of "Pin the face parts on the Jack-O-Lantern". Then I went into Athena's classroom for 1/2 hour and watched and helped. The girls were so happy to have me there. They were beaming to have their mom right there. :)

When I came home, Jeremy convinced me that he needed a rocker chick to accompany him for the evening. Fine! So I did it. I went and found myself a costume. Here it is. I tried and tried to rat my hair bigger and bigger, but it just wouldn't go any bigger, so this is how it ended up.

We trick-or-treated our neighborhood first and then drove to Mama and Daddy's house to show off our costumes. Lisa and Kimball were there when we showed up. That was a fun surprise! We were able to get a picture of all the kids together.

We also drove to Provo and Orem and trick-or-treated. I was sure surprised how quick Alexandra caught onto the whole idea of trick-or-treating. When her bucket got heavy she refused to let me carry it for her. She gripped the bucket so tight all evening. When the kids would run up and ring the doorbell I would sit Alexandra on the porch and she would wait patiently while all the kids collected their candy. Then she would move up to the front and slowly pick a piece of cany out of the bowl and put it in her bucket. She got whiny a few times, but I just opened a little fruit snack for her and gave her a little at a time. It sufficed. She even lasted longer than Nathan. Nathan had so much fun, but he missed the last neighborhood because he just zonked out in his car seat.

Athena and Samantha had a blast running from house to house. I really enjoyed watching them this year having so much fun with the whole process of trick-or-treating. The best part about the night is that it was perfectly warm and no one complained at all.

To end the night we stopped at Jeremy's aunt's Halloween party and visited with relatives for a little while before heading home.

I was really worried that all the black hair spray wouldn't come out of Athena's hair. We got home at about 10:30pm and I had Athena get in the shower. I ended up washing her hair 3 times and all the black hairspray finally came out. The tub, walls, and her whole body was black after that so we had to scrub some more. At least she is blond again and no harm done. It was a good Halloween!


Megz said...

So THAT'S what you and Jeremy looked like in high school! I always wondered....
Glad your day was fun. Happy belated Birthday Nathan! I'm sure he's acting more mature already.

Aprilyn said...

DANG! You were in Orem?? Too bad I missed ya. We went around just a part of our neighborhood. It was a ton of candy though.

I was Miss Viola Swamp on Thursday for our ward Halloween party (on the actual day I was out of black hair spray) and it took a LOT of washing to get it out but out it did come! :) The red was easier to get out. I was Pipi Longstocking the next day.

Callie said...

How cute! Alexandra is adorable!

dena4kids said...

Cute costumes! I love Athena's! Love the hair!=) Sounds like you guys racked up on candy!

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