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Monday, November 3, 2008

Celebrating Nathan's Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Nathan's birthday by having a little family party with Grandma and Grandpas coming over. I decorated a pirate cake for him to go along with his pirate costume he got to wear for Halloween on his birthday. See how it turned out? I think it looked really cute.
Nathan was also very proud of his cake!
We started out by letting Nathan open his presents. He was just being silly the whole time. He sure does like to be the center of attention.

Jeremy and I gave him his bike, a pirate ship to replace one he loved that broke, a pirate ship to play with in the tub, a star wars light saber, and a super cape.

From his Grandmas and Grandpas he received cards, money, and a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear. That's not a bad haul for a 4-year-old! I love watching the kids open birthday presents. It's so fun to see the excitement on their faces. :)

After presents we all headed to the table sang to him and let him blow out the candles. He had been rehearsing this for a week! Even before his birthday he would sing "Happy Birthday" to himself and pretend to blow candles.

Great shot of the BLOW!

We all quite enjoyed the cute pirate cake. It was very tasty. Nathan got his pick first and he picked to eat the pirate flag. I'm sure it tasted better than all the other pieces.

When cake was done, all that was left to do was for the kids to play with the new toys! That's the good part. It freed up some time and Daddy and I played settlers while Athena and Samantha played salon on Grandma and I.

Grandma hasn't had this kind of treatment in years! She was eating it up! She let Athena put in every last barrette that Athena could find. I remember doing this when I was little. :)

Finished product from the front. It's just beautiful!

This is my work in progress, taken by Athena. Thanks Samantha for the fancy do.

That ends the night! We had a fun birthday celebration for Nathan and now he can go on being 4.


dena4kids said...

Cute cake girl! I'm impressed! I haven't made one yet. I just let my Mom do it for me, but I guess I should learn how huh. Oh well someday!=)Happy Birthday Nathan!(love teh name btw=)

big8smiley said...

It's easy to do. I'm sure you could pull it off! You just follow the pattern.

cory and sharon said...

Are we in the same city? Email me at and I'll give you my address. We'll see if we're close.

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