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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing to say so I might as well Say Nothing

By the title of this post, you can see why it's been so long between postings! Really, nothing has been going on here that is picture worthy - just a cold day, we make it through, eat dinner, and have an evening. Night after night after night. I've actually been pretty bummed since last Tuesday when I found out Obama won. I'm working on bouncing back, but I have to be reminded of this for the next 4 years! So, for this post, this is how I feel.
  • I wish it were warm again and I didn't have to bundle up myself in the house.
  • I am not happy that Obama won.
  • I'm happy to have my kids around me, but wish they wouldn't fight so much.
  • I'm running out of dinner ideas, but making do. We have been eating lots of rice because it goes with everything.
  • I've been working out on my usual schedule, but would rather do less circuit training and more aerobics even though I know I need to work on my upper body strength.
Wow, so, my title is definitely correct on this post. I have nothing to say really! LOL. On a more positive note . . .
  • I am so happy for my sister, Cynthia. She finally was able to bring her new little baby home this week that she had on November 2nd.
  • I'm also really happy to start seeing progress with Nathan. Ever since he turned 4 he has been trying REALLY hard to whine less and act more like a "big kid". He has even had a good report the past 2 Sundays from his primary teacher. That's a biggie!
  • I've started helping in Samantha's classroom. I love her teacher and I really enjoy being there around the kids and seeing Samantha absolutely light up with pride when I walk in the door. :)
  • I am trying to play the piano better and have decided to start practicing the hymns. I just started today and it was really nice. I've never played them because I like playing other things better. Today I realized that they are pretty easy to play and have a real calming effect.

So, that's what I've been up to. Any questions?


dena4kids said...

I am so glad you posted! I feel the same way about Obmama and now we get it for 4 years.Oh well we have each other right!=) I will try to send some warmth your way.

big8smiley said...

So appreciated! I think you need to send you, all wrapped up, and surprise me on my porch. :) That would be warm!

Megz said...

The weather is bumming me out. It only took one day of getting all the kids' snow stuff on and then hanging it to dry before I had a panic attack of imagining several more months of that.
As for our president-elect....I have just decided to bury my doubt and believe him. He said he's going to fix everything and I can't wait for him to do it!

big8smiley said...

Yes, Jeremy and I are waiting for him to fix ALL of our problems like he professes to be able to do. :) I've attempted to bury my doubt, it just isn't working for me yet. I'll keep trying!

The Allreds said...

Piano...hmmmmm, maybe start practicing the Primary Songs and we could use those hands of yours : )
I was glad to see rain yesterday instead of snow. And I was glad WalMart had Ice Melt today when I went : ) wish James was with me, that bag was heavy.
Happy Wed. to you!!!

big8smiley said...

:) I've played the piano since I was growing up. My mom taught piano for years and that included to us kids, too! I just didn't ever play the hymns.

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