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Friday, November 9, 2007

Basement is DONE!!!!

OK, for the most part it is done, but I'm quite excited! :) The carpet guy just finished laying the carpet this morning, so I HAD to come and take some pictures and share. All we have left to do is put up the cabinet doors, add some door handles, put borders in the kid's rooms, and finish the bathroom.

Here is the view you get when you first come down the stairs. This is our kitchenette area. The plumber is coming tomorrow to finish this and the bathroom.

If you turn around, in that same room, you see my favorite part - the bookshelves. :) I have enough to fit all my books, plus some. You can see what I moved down yesterday because I was too excited to wait. There are a lot more books waiting to meet their new home.

To the left of the kitchenette room is the family/theater room. This is Jeremy's pride and joy!

He already has his stereo sound system all hooked up and ready to go . . .

But where is the TV? That will be a later addition.

Now I went through the kitchenette again and to the right and down the hall towards the bedrooms.

This is the hall linen closet. There wasn't enough room in the small bathroom, so it is here in the hall. I think this is a good spot for it anyway.

This is Nathan's room. We have a cute dinosaur border to put up in here that matches the paint.

This is Nathan's closet. All the kid's closets are built the same, with the shelves like that.

Here is Athena's room. She has a bright border with hearts and flowers that matches the paint.

Now, coming out of Athena's room, we will turn right and go into Samantha's room.

TA DA! Once again - Samantha will have a border up that matches. Hers is pink with horses, castles, and princesses. A very "Samantha" choice.

A view into Samantha's closet . . .

This is the bathroom. It is at the end of the hallway and in between all the kid's rooms. It will be finished tomorrow.

Then back down the hallway to go towards the kitchenette again.

I am very happy with the way the basement has turned out. It doesn't feel scary at all and hopefully that will help with getting the kids to move into their new rooms. We let all 3 of them pick out their paint colors and their borders and they all seem very happy with their choices. I just can't believe we finally have more house! I look forward to showing it off to those of you who wish to come and see it!


Chinchia said...

Wow! That looks really great! I am very happy for you to finally have a lot more room to stretch out. I look forward to seeing it when we come up after Christmas.

Aprilyn said...

WOAH! Nice place you got there. I'm sure the kids will love having it done. Forget playing at my house...yours is way better!! All I have is a trampoline outside.

Mama Cat said...

That is SO awesome! I'm so excited for you guys, and I'd love to come see it sometime. Are you going to be lonely upstairs now? ;) What are you going to do with the extra upstairs bedroom?

big8smiley said...

I am loving that it looks like a real house downstairs. :) Upstairs we will turn Nathan's room into just the office/playroom. It's always been the Nathan/office room and he has never had his own space.

Alexandra will occupy Athena and Samantha's own room and it will become her own little space. She is almost 6 months old now and is still in our room in her ever-shrinking bassinet.

I still anticipate having the kids upstairs most of the time. They like to be by me. I'm hoping that, given some time, they will learn to diffuse into their own spaces and enjoy it!

It will take us a couple of weeks at least to make the whole change occur. I have severely neglected the upstairs of the house and it looks like it. Once I get everything moved down, then I can look around and see how I want to improve the upstairs and get it all cleaned up. I'm mostly just excited to have places to put things FINALLY! We have been jam packed up here. :)

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