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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kiddie Kandids - My Idea of a Fun Afternoon

Yesterday we took the kids to Kiddie Kandids to get pictures taken for Nathan and Alexandra. I was so disappointed because they just wouldn't smile as cute as I know they do. I think the pictures turned out OK anyway.

Picture days are always just so stressful because it takes SO LONG! You have to wait to take the pictures, then take your turn at trying to get them to smile and act cute, then wait around again, then view and pick all your pictures, then buy the pictures. The kids are running laps around the store while you try to be cordial to the attendant who is trying to sell you the pictures. I'm glad it's done, until next time.

We should have taken Alexandra's picture as a newborn, but the way we work - we didn't. So she is 6 months old this week and I didn't know she had stranger anxiety yet. I would have her giggling, then as soon as I would switch places with the photographer, she would burst into tears. Then the photographer would leave so I could calm her down for a minute, then we would start all over again - me making her laugh, moving for the photographer, tears. So, the finished product is really, the best that we could get.

Then, with Nathan - he was so excited to get his picture taken and was showing us how big he was going to smile while we were in the car. Once we got him in the studio and ready to snap the picture, he just did these weird smiles. So, again, the finished product is really, the best that we could get.

Here is Alexandra in her blessing dress. She is a perfect little angel! :)

Nathan was happy that he got to have a picture with the trucks and train. As you can see, that isn't his true smile! Oh well - memories.

Here is his close-up. He is soooo cute! I love my little 3-year-old.

Alexandra again. This is Jeremy's favorite little outfit for her, so he really wanted a picture of her in this. Now that she can move around and roll, we had a pretty hard time keeping her in one place for the pictures. She did like this little chair, though.

Uh, I guess you could say this is her serious pose? Same as the first one.

Last one. I was the one trying to get her to smile, because she didn't like the workers, so she is looking at me. Let's pretend she sees something wonderful, off in the distance. :)

Regardless of the difficult experience - I AM glad that we went and had their pictures done. I treasure my family.


jessperry said...

Oh my word!! Your kids are so grown up. I can't believe it. And I love your basement. I want to come see your house one time. Maybe we can get together and let Bryn and your kids play and we can visit!

Aprilyn said...

The pictures are really cute Renee'!! I know what you mean about fake smiles. I have many of those kind of pictures. Marshall usually just gets grumpy around others so I imagine when it comes time to get our family picture done, he will have a grumpy face. I love your pictures though. Your kids are so cute!!

Shnopa said...

She WAS looking at something wonderful. It's called "MOTHER".

Mama Cat said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks "picture day" is a nightmare. We hardly ever get really good shots of Catherine--she either does the fake smile, won't smile at all, or (most often, and my personal fav) keeps running away from the photographer. It's about time to get our family pix taken and I am *dreading* it! At least she's a little better behaved if we're in the pictures with her...usually.

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