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Monday, November 19, 2007

Proud of Nathan

I'm so happy with Nathan. He has slept for 2 nights in his new bedroom downstairs - in the toddler bed! The first night I spent an hour with him trying to get him to stay in his bed. I ended up sitting next to his bed playing my light-up tetris game in his dark room while he fell asleep. The next night (yesterday) he was anxious to sleep in his bed. He went right in and went to bed. Let's hope it continues to be that easy.

Athena and Samantha are also doing well in their own beds. Samantha said she really likes it because Athena doesn't talk to her all night and keep her awake. It's turning out to be a nice arrangement.

Oh, and a followup to last week - on Saturday we went to Home Depot and got an indoor pesticide spray and I sprayed around every baseboard in the whole basement, even in closets. Let's hope that helps the spider problem. I'd rather see a dead spider than one coming at me in a frenzy.


Aprilyn said...

WAY TO GO NATHAN!! I really wouldn't know what it's like to have a 3 yr old sleep through the night. Count your blessings. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your pesticide did the job.

Mama Cat said...

I do, too. Remind me to tell you my spider horror story sometime. Actually, 2 horror stories. I'm normally not terrified by spiders, but sometimes...they're just too nasty for me to handle.

Chinchia said...

Hooray! I'm happy for you to have your basement finished. I bet you are all enjoying the space so much. Way to go Nathan! Keep up the great work, er, sleep.

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