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Friday, November 2, 2007

Samantha Said a Funny

We were sitting at the table today eating lunch when Samantha asked me what drinks again were bad for us to drink? I told her coffee, tea, and alcohol. Then she added with a very serious look, "and violets". I said "Violets? You don't drink violets. Violets are a flower or a color, not a drink." She insisted that we do NOT drink violets because they are bad.

She recently had a Steve James assembly at school for red ribbon week where they talk about drugs and stuff like that. She said that in her assembly Steve James told a story of when he was little some kids came up to him and asked him for money and he said he didn't have any money. They said they were going to take all his money to get some stuff at the store and he told them again that he didn't have any money to take. He said that those kids then went and stole some stuff from the store. I then made the connection.

"VIOLENCE?" I asked. She said, "What's that?" So I explained to her what violence is and that it's bad. So she confirmed, "Oh yeah, violence."

It made me laugh. :)

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Aprilyn said...

That is really funny. I love it when kids get words mixed up. It usually leads to much laughter!!

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