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Friday, November 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged and I am officially "IT". So, now that I am "IT", I have to share 6 facts about myself. Alright, FINE! Here goes . . .

#1 I am a hoarder. I like to hold on to things. It's unfortunate for Jeremy - especially because I like to hold on to money too. I don't like to spend it and it makes me anxious when I spend too much. I do go through "get rid of" sprees and it feels really nice, but for the most part, I keep lots of things.

#2 I am brutally honest in my dealings with all men. I don't like to be left with a feeling that I have cheated someone. If I am overcharged, I'll let someone know. If I'm undercharged, I'll also let someone know. I don't cheat at games, not even a little bit. I don't like to cut corners, it makes me feel cheap.

#3 I am a compulsive exerciser. This is how I relieve stress and I love it. :) Right now I go to the community aerobics class offered at the high school in the evenings. I go 3 times a week and join the other moms who are there. We do step aerobics, kick boxing, or spinning. I also love to walk.

#4 I usually have either a rhythm or song going through my head. When I am walking somewhere, I count in eights because that's my favorite number and works with most rhythms. I'm pretty weird that way, but it makes me me. I also have been known to break out in song and dance randomly. This is why. I can't help it.

#5 I have become boring at nights and just love to watch TV. In fact, I savor my TV time when the kids are in their beds because it's the only time I get to just sit and be entertained without having to answer to someone's needs. It's nice for me to just plunk down and get a good laugh. I really like King of Queens, Survivor, Lost, Biggest Loser (Jeremy started that one and now I watch it too), Dr Phil, and Oprah.

#6 I play settlers at least 2 times a week in the afternoon with my Dad. I love games and I especially like this game because I have to use strategy to win and it's different every time we play. I haven't gotten tired of the game yet. I also enjoy the interaction with my dad and the extra adult conversation in the house. It keeps me from getting too crazy just dealing with kids all the time.

Now I am supposed to tag 6 more people to do this same thing - share 6 facts about themselves. I'm anxious to read the replies. :) I will tag . . . . . .

Jeremy (you can post it on my site, Jeremy)


Aprilyn said...

I thought of another one for you-

#7 You make people laugh. You always made me laugh so hard!! I can still remember all the good times we had together. I remember laughing until I thought I couldn't laugh anymore and then kept going. We were insane. Well, I still am.

And in closing I just have to say---
"Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, I did."
Do you remember what that is from?

big8smiley said...

NICE ONE!!! It's from Lady in White! Still creepy. :)

Thanks for that #7. We did have so much fun living together. I'm still grateful to have you for a friend.

Aprilyn said...

We were so crazy...wait a sec...I still am!! We had many good times. I'm really glad we were able to get to know each other. I can still remember the day you moved in. I remember seeing you come up the stairs and your Dad was helping you move in. I thought you were really lucky. I still can't remember why the heck I got stuck rooming with Tracy-who-men-love. That's what she said her name was. Remember when she switched our room around while I was gone so that her raised bed was in front of the window and I got ZERO breeze?! You were roomies with Becky who was RARELY even there. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!! It would've been so much better to just have Tracy and Becky share a room. That's OK cuz later we got a brain and roomed together. Oh, and do you still think Yanni has fingers like butter? It was something like that..

We've GOT to hang out sometime. I miss you.

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