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Monday, November 5, 2007

Cutting Down our Christmas Tree

Last Saturday we went to cut down our Christmas tree. This really is not my favorite thing to do, but still we do it every year. I guess the kids had fun. I just hope our tree isn't dead by Christmas because it's so early. This is a tradition that Jeremy's family does every year - get tree permits and go out in the cold to find that perfect tree.

I guess the good thing about going when we did was that it wasn't super cold yet and there wasn't snow all over the ground. As you can see, Nathan sure did enjoy the dirt. He was rolling around in it and playing in it for quite awhile.

Samantha enjoyed herself too. The only part she didn't like was hiking through all the brush looking for a tree.

Athena found a rock up there that she really thought was neat. She has been studying rocks in school and has been quite interested in looking at all the rocks and trying to decide if they are sedimentary, igneous, or conglomerates.

After hiking around and finding our tree, I spent most of my time holding Alexandra and trying to keep her happy in the cold.

Once everyone found their tree we enjoyed a bowl of hot soup, some hot chocolate, and cookies. The soup was sooo good. I had Cream of Broccoli. Nathan learned that he really liked hot chocolate. He drank a couple of cups full and some of mine. :)

Jeremy looks satisfied from his bowls of soup. He worked hard by cutting down and hauling trees. Thanks, Jeremy!

Athena and Amber love to spend time together. They didn't want to leave.

This is it! THE one. We will cut a few feet off the top and some off the bottom. So we really are harvesting the middle 7 1/2 feet of the tree.

Finally all the trees are loaded up and ready to go. All in all it took us about 4 hours to get everyone a tree and to eat lunch, load up, and go. I suppose it all turned out ok and the kids had a good time. :)

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Aprilyn said...

So, how do you plan on keeping it alive until Christmas? :) Have you always cut your tree this early in the year? Good luck! I really hope it lasts!!!!

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