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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Princesses and the Pirate

Overall I think we had a pretty successful Halloween, just SUPER busy! Throughout the day I ended up running back and forth to the elementary school 5 TIMES! No one should be expected to do that and still be sane afterwards.

This year Athena was Belle, Samantha was Sleeping Beauty, Nathan was Captain Jack Sparrow, and Alexandra was Cinderella. This picture of Samantha was taken early in the morning before school.

And here is Athena, before school. A funny little side note about Athena - while we were trick-or-treating one of the houses, a guy standing outside saw her and said, "My gosh, she is GORGEOUS! You ought to put her in magazines! I can't believe that hair!" I said, "It's a wig, but it sure is nice and full, isn't it?" He said, "Wow! I saw all that red hair on her and couldn't believe it. So, it is a wig?" I thought that was funny. She does look cute with that color of hair. Who would've thought?

The girls look so cute!

After school I took the kids to Jeremy's work. Everyone at his work dresses up and buys candy and the kids get to trick-or-treat from desk to desk. It was a lot of fun for them. :) Here is Nathan, as a pirate, after collecting his loot.

The 3 princesses. Yes, even princesses get upset sometimes. Especially if they didn't get their nap!

Jeremy as . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A VAMPIRE!!!

After Jeremy's work, we got Burger King for dinner and headed out to go trick-or-treating. I don't think we have ever had such a good time collecting our candy. The weather was PERFECTLY WARM and no one complained at all about walking around.

I thought it was cute as we were trick-or-treating. The girls would always go up to the door to wait for the answer and Nathan would hang back. Whenever the people would come to the door they would see the princesses and remark - "Oh, what pretty princesses!" Then Nathan, the pirate would come pushing through for his share of the candy and proudly say "TRICK OR TREAT!" It just seemed so fitting that they were all dainty about it and he was so excitedly brash, and also dressed as a pirate. OK, maybe you just had to be there.

To end the night we went to Aunt Nancy's traditional Halloween party to eat a little chili and donuts. Then home to Payson to make our last stop at Grandma and Grandpa Dickens' house to show off our costumes.

I just wore pajamas and went as the family baby. Kind of funny, even when I'm the family baby I still have to take care of everyone. Where is the justice???

A special thanks goes out to all who donated to our candy buckets by small or great means. We appreciate all the costume compliments and the use of public toilets along the way.

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Aprilyn said...

What great costumes. You should have taken your toilet with you as part of your costume!!

I went as a Cubmaster since I am Cubmaster and have the shirt. I didn't have time to think of a better costume.

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