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Monday, August 18, 2008

County Fair

This past weekend we took the kids to the county fair. The fair wasn't very big and we ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours there. We met Jeremy's parents and walked around together with them.

I took the kids over to the kid's booth where they had tiles for the kids to color on with Sharpie markers. This took longer than I thought it would, but it was fun. The girls were very creative with their new medium.
I sat with Nathan and managed his coloring. Mostly my job was to try to keep the markers away from his clothes. He loved using all the different colors on his tile. The pictures I took are an odd color because we were under an orange tent. Everything under the tent was orange.

Here is a little bit better view of all the kids sharing some fun time together. I think it's cute how involved they are.

Samantha's finished product. She colored a picture of our family standing in the sunshine.

Athena colored a mermaid. She realized afterwards that her mermaid is naked because she forgot to make shells. It gave us a good laugh.

Nathan wouldn't look up for his picture and he wouldn't turn over his tile either. I traced his hand on his tile and then he colored around the tracings with all different colors. He also colored in the squares on the back of the tile.

I was most fascinated with the Lego setup at the fair. I have been absolutely fascinated with Legos since I was little and even still I enjoy sitting down and building whatever comes to mind. All the kids enjoyed looking at the Lego display and we stayed there for quite a while admiring the details of someone's creativity.

On the left side of this picture is a field with bales of hay and a tractor. In the middle is an army coming out of a fort. You have to click on these pictures to enlarge them and really see the details.

Here are some pirate ships with one of the ships sinking due to the creature on Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, there was a train track that went around the whole setup with lego train running constantly.

In the background is a skyscraper with King Kong climbing it. Yes, he is made of legos too. In the front of the picture is the Xango dinosaur museum with the dinosaur in 3D on the side of the building. They also had a dinosaur busting out of the side of the building eating a lego man.

The Rio Grande train station.

Here is a medieval castle with all the little soldiers in there guarding and some on horses.

So most of my county fair pictures are of the legos. :) I really like them.
We also looked at animals that were covered in flies - pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and rabbits. Nathan just thought they were all stinky and he was right. They were very stinky.
I got this last picture of Nathan standing on a farm equipment of some kind.

That was our experience of the fair. We had fun being together and being with Grandma and Grandpa, but overall I think the fair was very small and pretty lame. We wanted to top off the experience and go to the demolition derby, but we had to leave and go to a wedding. Jeremy and I love to watch a good demolition derby, it's hilarious. Maybe we will catch it next year.


Aprilyn said...

Those Lego creations are SO COOL!! I love Legos. I'm just not creative.

Chinchia said...

You're lucky your kids would go. I really wanted to take ours to the Orange County Fair just before school started. Every time I mentioned it the air was filled with whining and complaining and firm statements that they (mainly the boys) WOULD NOT go. I always like to go see all the exhibits. The OC Fair is really big and plenty to do and see too. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll just tell them we are going on a surprise adventure and we'll just show up at the fair. Anyway, I'm glad it was fun for you guys.

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