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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

So it is that time again - time to send the kids off for the day. I'm a little sad about sending them to school this year because I've really enjoyed having them home for the summer. We have done so many fun things. Now it's just back to the norm. They are excited to go, though, especially Samantha. She has been anxious to get back to school ever since she was let out of kindergarten. Now she is there all day long and she's been counting down for this day.

Monday I took the kids to the school open house to meet their teachers. Athena's 3rd grade teacher is Mrs. Swenson. This is Mrs. Swenson's 2nd year of teaching. She said she has always wanted to teach 3rd grade and she is pretty excited to have a 3rd grade class this year. I hope Athena likes her. She seems pretty nice, but she also seemed a little nervous in front of the parents. I'm sure once things warm up she will have a blast with the kids.

Samantha's 1st grade teacher is Miss Montgomery (aka Miss Monty). This is the teacher Athena had for 1st grade and we loved her, so I requested that Samantha have her too. She is so full of energy and just a really fun teacher. I used to help in Athena's class a lot when she had Miss Monty and Samantha would come in with me every time. Samantha got to know Miss Monty and was really hoping to have her this year. I'm excited that Samantha gets to spend her school year in this class. Yesterday Samantha was filling out a poster for school about what she likes and for school she put that her favorite thing about school is lrning (learning).

Here is Athena this morning in front of the school. She picked out this outfit for her first day and it suits her perfectly. Of course she picked a dress. She is also sporting a nice, blue High School Musical backpack.

Samantha picked out shorts and a t-shirt for her first day. This is typical Samantha, very casual. Her backpack is pink with leopard trim.

Athena and Samantha are very excited for their first full day of school together. They already plan on trying to find each other for recess and lunchtime. I hope this excitement continues throughout the year.

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Chinchia said...

They both look cute and excited. The first day of school always feels so nice and fresh. I hope they both have a great day.

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