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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Doing Their Job

I sent Samantha outside to shake the kitchen rug out. She went out just like she was asked to do her job. I was sweeping the floor and then after awhile I noticed she still hadn't come back in. I started to wonder what on earth happened to her. It didn't take THAT long to shake a rug.

I started looking out windows and I saw her in the back yard with the rug, so I figured she must have gone back there to shake it. Then I noticed Athena wasn't in the house doing her work either. After about 5 more minutes went by, both girls came in and they were VERY proud. I asked them what they had been doing and they held up the bug box. LOL!

It was so much more important to them at this time that they catch a great big grasshopper!

It may not look so big in the picture, but this is a full-size grasshopper and it looks so GROSS to me! I didn't know my girls were so brave. I asked them how they did it and Athena said that they waited until it landed and was holding still. She then hurried and put the bug box over the grasshopper, let it crawl inside, and slammed the door. The opening is just as big as the grasshopper is, so it must have taken a real steady hand to get it over the bug without touching it.

So that's why it takes so long to shake a rug.


Chinchia said...

Thankfully none of my kids have been interested in catching bugs. I freak out with most bugs for whatever strange reason. Example... Yesterday morning Ethan and Hannah went outside to retrieve the newspaper. When they came back in I noticed something on Hannah's skirt. When she came over by me I didn't look to see what it was. I just reached down to get it off. To my shock and horror it was cold and slimy. I looked in my hand to realize I was holding a worm that had somehow gotten onto her skirt!!! Brett was sitting there at the table by my and I screamed and frantically tried to get it off my fingers ASAP! It was stuck for a second. He just laughed because it's just a harmless worm, right. No, no bugs for me, thanks.

Aprilyn said...

Oh I hate bugs!!! Your girls are brave. Even Nathan would never touch one.

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