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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Sunday School Lesson

I teach the class CTR 8B in primary. This is the class full of 7 and 8 year olds. This year I have 6 boys in my class. My lesson today was about being obedient. I told my class that they need to listen to and obey their parents because their parents want what is best for them and won't tell them to do the wrong thing. Then as a side note I added, and sometimes parents need to listen better to their kids. I threw in an example that I am sometimes so busy that I don't look at my kids when they are talking to me even though I'm listening, and that I should do better by looking right at them when they are talking so they can see that I am listening.

Well, then the lesson just took off onto that side note. The kids immediately followed this new train of thought and all of them had a story about their parents not listening to them or looking at them. I was like - WHOA! Then one kid in the class who is very full of personality said - "yeah, every time I need my dad I say to him Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . Dad . . . and he STILL doesn't even look up! Sometimes I will say, Dad will you get me some food? And he just SITS THERE! And doesn't even get up for like an HOUR!" I thought it was so funny! What's even funnier is this poor dad is getting thrown under the bus in primary and doesn't even know it.

Afterwards I started thinking about it and was thinking from their point of view. Kids really don't know we are listening to them when we are cleaning, using the computer, getting ready for the day, eating, watching TV, or whatever, unless we look at them and acknowledge them. I didn't realize it was such a sore topic for so many kids and I was surprised by how this conversation struck a nerve with every little boy in my class.

I think I need to pay better attention to my kids and let them know that I'm listening to them by simply looking at them and letting them know I'm interested enough to drop what I'm doing long enough to let them know they are heard.


ebow said...

That is pretty funny. I'm sure Anthony had stories to tell! Who is the dad 'thrown under the bus'?

big8smiley said...

LOL, you can breath easy, it wasn't Anthony's dad. :) He did have his piece to share, however. So funny.

Chinchia said...

That's a very good point. It definitely gives me something to think about. I make Hannah look at my face when I need to know she is listening to me. I need to remember to do the same when they need to know I'm listening.

The Allreds said...

thanks for sharing a Primary moment. most Sundays we really never get to hear what goes on behind closed doors. it's a wake-up call for all parents. really listening DOES involve eye contact! good thing to work on this week and then next...

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