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Monday, September 1, 2008

Rain on Our Parade!

Today is the annual Labor Day parade. We sat with Matt & Cathy to watch. When the parade was getting ready to start, there were a few sprinkles, so here we are with our umbrellas.

Yes, we are having a good time despite the few drops coming here and there.

Then the weather cleared out and we could see blue skies ahead out west. Not too bad.

The kids had plenty of opportunities to collect candy and I was collecting a handful of fliers that people shoved in my face. But still, a good time.

Then we looked out west, and the clouds that were up north were starting to curl southwards and build up really fast. On our side of the street we could see it coming, but the people on the other side of the street had no idea.

All at once, everyone on our side of the street realized the inevitable and we started packing up our chairs and belongings as fast as we could go. Still, everyone on the other side of the street remained clueless as to what was going on, just sitting there watching and waving.

Then all of a sudden the storm hit. Within 5 minutes it was a complete downpour with rain coming sideways in sheets! The temperature went from 65 degrees to 47 degrees.

Still, we tried to hang in there and have a good time.

We gave it 5 more minutes and it just got worse. The kids were trying to collect soggy candy and hold their umbrellas up, but they couldn't protect themselves from the sideways rain. Everyone on the floats and cars were trying to have a good spirit about it and still wave and throw candy.

Finally even the people on the floats gave in. Notice the royalty huddled underneath the car display on the float? There are about 6 people under there.

Jeremy and I put the kids in the car and ran back out to the parade just long enough to see our good friends come by with their big truck. Then that was the end of it for us. We ran back to the car just as it was starting to hail. My pants were drenched (I had an umbrella) and Jeremy's jacket was drenched (he did not).

Here is where we ended up. Hot cocoa for everyone. Happy Labor Day!

This will be a parade event to remember.


Aprilyn said...

It hit here first then. We got a huge storm too. My neighbor who lives downstairs was at the festivities today. His wife said he had to go judge something. He is a reporter for The Daily Herald.
I'm glad you are all having a warm Labor Day. I think I'll go drink some hot chocolate too.

Chinchia said...

Looks like fun. Brett said this morning, "I wish it would rain." Too bad you guys got it instead of us. I see Cathy in the pictures and just think, "Poor Cathy!"

bobatharoo said...

It was still fun. And I think it was really funny that the other side of the street was oblivious. I always knew the west side was the best.

The Allreds said...

glad to hear we weren't the only drenched ones from the ward! that was crazy rain. Sara complained her fingers felt like ice cubes, can't believe the drop in temperature! glad today is sunnier so Garrett and I could ride bikes to kindergarten : ) I don't think I'm ready for rain days on end. how about you?

big8smiley said...

I really enjoy the rain, and I've been wanting to get rain all summer long. I just can't believe it waited for the one day of planned festivities to really get us good! I loved hearing the thunder while we were out there. It's my favorite!

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