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Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting Ready - and the Beatles

This has been kind of a weird week because it's just gone by in a blur. I have all these things I need to do to get ready for our trip that it's just going through my head as I go about trying to complete all the tasks. I've been canning lots of peaches, trying to use up all the fresh stuff out of the fridge, packed 5 bags (mine plus all the kids) and take care of any business that needs to get done before we leave. I'm taking this morning to update my iPod and then I get to clean all afternoon.

Jeremy got his hair done again with the highlights and I got mine trimmed - about 3 inches taken off. Darn it. I wanted to be able to wear a bun because it's so easy to just flip my hair up and be done with it. Jeremy said he DID NOT want me wearing a bun on our trip because it's so dorky. He doesn't have to worry because now it isn't long enough for a bun. Thanks, Jeremy, for your input.

My counter is wrong, we are actually leaving today. I'm so excited. Last night we opened our new snorkel gear to try it on and pack it. Now it really seems real!!! Just think, in 2 days I'll be under the water gazing at fish to my heart's delight. I even dreamed about it last night.

On Monday of this week our friends invited us to go see the group "Imagine" at the Scera Shell theater with them. The group sings Beatles songs and they make themselves look just like the Beatles too. It was a lot of fun and the group surprisingly sounded good! I've never been super into the Beatles, but I did know most of the songs. I guess I'm getting old. The pictures below were taken with Jeremy's cell phone because we forgot our camera.

Me with the kids. This is before they took off to go roll down the hill with their friends.

This is the group that was performing.
Well, I guess now that I've posted the last of the pictures that I need to post, I can be on to other things. When I return I'll have LOTS to share. :)

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