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Friday, September 5, 2008

Carnival Comes to Town

I'm really late writing about this event, but I have all these pictures to share and don't want them to go to waste. :)

Last Friday we took our kids to the carnival. We always go on the first night it's open because the rides are each only 1 ticket for "family night" instead of 2 or 3 tickets to ride each ride. Yes, we are cheapskates, but it sure beats paying out of our ears for a few rides!

The kids really enjoyed themselves, and I enjoyed watching them. I don't ride the rides because carnival rides make me sick - always. Here they are in the little jeep ride. I especially loved watching Nathan. I think he still believes he is actually driving the jeep and making it turn.

Nathan on the little flying ride that goes in a circle.

It might be hard to see, but those two little girls up there on the ferris wheel are Athena and Samantha. They seem so grown up to be choosing their rides and going on them together, but without parents.

All the kids really wanted to ride the great big slide. This is a huge thrill for them.

Here is how tall it is.

It's especially a thrill for Nathan. I think he still couldn't believe he went down that thing. His face coming down was the best, though. It looked like the same face he had on Splash Mountain - just sheer terror. But afterwards he said he had a good time.

Yes, Athena liked it too.

This year Athena was just itching to get on one of the bigger rides, instead of the little kiddie rides. She wasn't able to talk Samantha into going on any of the real scary rides that toss you around, but she did get her to try this one with her. It just goes up and down and side to side in a big circle.

Jeremy told them they had to scream for the whole ride. They sure did hold fast to that rule! :)

After the carnival we walked through the craft booths and then came home to watch the fireworks. Every year the fireworks are shot off from the field right by our house. It's so convenient! We have made it a tradition, and this year Cathy and Matt came over to enjoy it with us. Here are Jeremy, Athena, Jacob, and Ashley playing on the blanket before the fireworks start.

Now all the kids are ready and playing around.

Matt, cheer up. They won't last ALL NIGHT LONG. Try to be in the moment, like Cathy is.

Here they are!!!! Ooh la la . . .

Then we went inside and ate root beer floats. YUM!

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Chinchia said...

It looks like a fun day. It really makes me wish we lived closer so we could enjoy getting together with family and cousins too.

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