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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oops! Early Out Day!

Today I was sitting in my comfortable house waiting for school to get out when my neighbor called me and told me that she saw my girls sitting down at the school waiting to be picked up. I forgot they get out early today!!!! I felt so bad. I jumped in the car and drove down there, but the girls were nowhere in sight. I finally found them in the office talking to the secretary. I sure hope I remember from now on.

Yesterday we walked to school and the girls each picked a lovely sunflower to give their teachers. Today in the car ride home, Samantha said to me, "I think it's just so weird how teachers can smell better than kids. I gave the flower to my teacher and she said it smelled so good, but I couldn't even smell it that much. It's just so weird!"

What a nice teacher! Samantha is right, the sunflower didn't really have a smell, but her teacher sure did make her feel appreciated for the kind gesture.


bobatharoo said...

I don't like the early out day. I have to take extra care (obviously) to remember. I wish we lived in Star Trek times and we could just beam them home. That would be ideal.

Chinchia said...

Gee, what a bad mom! I have never done anything so horrible in all my mothering. Those poor little girls were probably just terrified. I hope you had a good little snooze.

Aprilyn said...

Oh, I've forgotten before too. Sometimes I forget what day it is!

Lisa said...

I agree with Chinchia! Oh, the shame.

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