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Monday, September 29, 2008

Barbie Birthday Party

On Friday I spent my day getting ready for Samantha's birthday party. I decorated her cake while Alexandra took her afternoon nap. This is Samantha's barbie cake.

Samantha was so proud of the cake. As soon as she saw I was working on it she exclaimed, "She's BEAUTIFUL!"

I also prepared all the little gift bags for the kids - complete with candy, a bracelet, and their very own new barbie outfit.

The party went from 5:30pm to 9:00 pm. We started out by having all the kids do makeup. They loved this activity. Each girl brought her own barbie from home. I had the girls hold their barbies up to their face and have a friend do their makeup to match the barbie they brought. Here are some action photos and finished products.

It was really cute to see how hard the girls tried to get the makeup just right to match the barbie's faces. They would study the barbie faces very closely and then request the colors necessary to complete the look. Then I touched up all the girls with glitter powder.

After doing makeup we headed outside for a relay race. I told them that we were going to see how good they were at playing barbies because the best part about playing barbies is changing the clothes. Each girl placed her barbie on the patio. I divided the girls into 2 teams. For the race they had to run to the patio one at a time and undress their barbie. Then run back and tag the next player. When all the barbies were undressed, they had to come back one at a time and dress the barbie. The winning team had to have all their barbies dressed the fastest and be sitting down. The girls got a real kick out of this activity and they were so excited.

After the relay race our next activity was going to be watching a movie, but I could see the girls had WAY too much energy to be watching a movie. So I had them play a quick game of "deer" (ball tag).

The kids ran and ran and ran until they couldn't run any more. Our backyard was the loudest in the neighborhood with all the little girl screams. :) This game actually only lasted about 10 minutes and then all the girls were tired out.

I brought them all some water and had Samantha open a surprise gift from us. It was Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. She and Athena have been wanting to watch this new barbie movie and none of the other kids had seen it yet. Thank goodness. They were thrilled about this pick and we all ran in to get set up for the movie. Jeremy and I got the girls situated down in the theater room and then went up to pop a lot of popcorn.

I think that movie watching should be a part of every party. It was so nice to have such low-key downtime in the middle of the party and all the kids were fully entertained.

After the movie we came up for cake and ice cream. The barbie cake was a hit and I was quite satisfied by the oohs and aahs of admiration. Here is Samantha blowing out the candles.

It was really fun to watch Nathan have such a fun time at the party. He hasn't attended very many birthday parties in his young age - only the ones Athena and Samantha have had. He was laughing up a storm with the girls and making jokes. I enjoyed seeing him thoroughly enjoy himself.

Of course, after cake is presents. Samantha ended up getting 3 barbies from her friends, and 2 from Jeremy and I for her birthday. I don't think she will need a new barbie again for several years! She also got a jewelry making kit, slippers and a book, and a stuffed animal giraffe.

We had 1/2 hour left until it was time for the parents to arrive, so I sent the girls downstairs for some free time to play barbies. All the girls who came had a blast and I'm so glad the party turned out to be a success.


Chinchia said...

Congratulations on a successful kid birthday party. I know I am always relieved when the whole thing is done and the last kid goes home. It takes so much thought, time and effort to pull it off. The reward comes in seeing that everyone had a great time. I liked your relay idea. That was cute. I doubt it will work for Callie's birthday party this year though. Oh well.

Chinchia said...

P.S. Your Barbie cake turned out really cute. It looks like I have some competition!

bobatharoo said...

You are always so creative with birthday party ideas. Way to go! I'm glad Samantha and her friends had loads of fun!

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