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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday in the DR

Again, I didn't take the camera out with me during the day, so all I have are night pictures. :)

Monday we snorkeled a little more and then headed to the swimming pool to get our drinks at the swim-up bar. Then we swam for a couple of hours. We also took part (Jeremy did too) in a water aerobics class, and then in a little salsa class that the animation team was teaching by the pool. Monday was just a really fun, relaxing day. We ate lunch in the buffet when we got hungry and swam some more - until dinner time. Then we went to our room and got cleaned up for dinner.

Here is Jeremy all cleaned up and ready to eat. We had reservations with our group to eat dinner in the French restaurant. We took pictures in the lobby while we waited.

Here we are with our friends Kristy, Morgan, and Andrew.

Our dinner group on Monday was 10 people. From L to R we have Shawn, Tanya, Andrew, and Brock.

Then the rest of us, from L to R: Stacy, me, Jeremy, Kristy, Morgan, and Kevin. For dinner I ate a shrimp salad that was actually quite tasty, some chicken and rice, and for dessert I had creme brulee. It would have been better if it were warm, but it was still good.

After dinner we changed our clothes, walked around the resort a little bit, and then went to the evening's entertainment. When we got there we saw that it was Love Connection - Perfect Couple 2008. It seemed like it might be entertaining so we stayed. When it came time to start, the workers came down into the audience to select 4 couples and guess who they picked. Yes that's right - Jeremy and I! Turns out we were the evening's entertainment for an hour. Oh great.

We had to compete in 4 different activities to see who would win. The first activity was for Jeremy to sit in a chair and say the word "Majestic" without taking a breath. Majestic is the name of our resort. I had to run across the stage and get a balloon and pop it on his lap. I was supposed to pop as many balloons on him as I could before he ran out of air. Well, we bombed out because when I jumped on his lap with the first balloon, I was going fast and I accidentally also hit into his stomach and there went all his air!

For the 2nd activity, I had to sit in this chair with a glass between my knees. Jeremy was blindfolded on the other side of the stage. The worker put a water bottle with a hole in the lid between his legs. I had to direct him to my side of the stage by talking in the microphone and then get him to fill up the glass with water that was between my knees.

I effectively got him to my side of the stage, but when he got up to where I was, he squeezed the water bottle very hard and sprayed my whole face with about 1/2 a bottle of water (or so it felt). I was dripping and laughing so hard I could barely talk in the microphone. We failed miserably because Jeremy only got about 1/2" of water in the bottom of the glass.

For the 3rd challenge we had to reenact the main dance from the movie "Dirty Dancing". The one to the song - I had the time of my life. I think we did the best on this one. Surprisingly, Jeremy even did leaps across the stage! :) I'm so proud of him. Here he is trying to do the final lift with me. It didn't work though because he was supposed to hold me at the hips. We still did pretty good at it though, all things considered.

For the 4th and final challenge we had to pop 4 balloons in 4 different positions. I think we were the fastest at this. Here I am popping a balloon on Jeremy's lap.

And here I am popping the final balloon for the win.

When it all came down to it, the audience voted by screaming the loudest for their favorite couple. The screams were loudest for Jeremy and I and the couple you see on the left. They were from Spain. They ended up awarding the other couple the prize of a massage, necklaces, and some other little things. Darn it! We ended up with yet another bottle of rum each. Hooray - for all the good it did us. :) I would rather have had a bottle of Dr. Pepper. Oh well. I guess it makes for a good memory, right? Thanks Morgan for sitting in front and taking pictures for us.

After our little stint on stage, we went dancing again at the disco with our friends. Then we stayed out until 2 am talking and getting bit by mosquitoes outside a little burger joint at the resort.

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Chinchia said...

Too bad you didn't win the big prize. It looks like it was fun anyway. It's amazing how much fun we can have when we don't have to drag kids with us everywhere we go.

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