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Friday, September 5, 2008

Cathy's New Baby

We finally got the chance to go and hold Cathy's new baby, Abigail Jane. I say finally because she was 10 days overdue! I love brand new babies, they are so perfectly cute and just fun to hold. Of course the first thing Abigail did when I pick her up is start to throw up all over the place. That wasn't a great start, but after that it all was ok. Here she is . . .

Samantha wanted a turn too.

After holding the baby, the usual chaos of bringing kids to a hospital room took over. For some reason kids can't hold still for more than 2 minutes in a hospital room.

Then this one certain chair became the favorite, so it was time to go. 3 kids does not equal 1 chair.

I'm happy for Cathy and Matt to have their new little baby in their home. Thanks for letting us come in and visit. :) Don't worry Jeremy, this doesn't make me change my mind about anything.


Mama Cat said...

OK--I could tell Cathy was pregnant in the parade picture, but I didn't think she was *that* pregnant! Wow! Maybe it was just the picture making her look small or something. Anyway, cute baby! That's a lot of hair! How many is that for them--4? 5? I still can't believe she's grown up, much less as a mom of several kids. Crazy.

big8smiley said...

This baby is Cathy's 4th, and I agree with you. She didn't look big enough to be 10 days overdue.

Chinchia said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures of the baby. I am very ready to be finished with pregnancy. It makes me a little jealous. Unfortunately I still have a couple of months to go at the least!

The Allreds said...

I don't dare show Sara this posting...she'll be soooo sad she missed a baby holding opportunity : ) Congrats. to Cathy!!!

Lisa said...

I am excited to see the new baby! Some of the kids had minor colds when Abigail was born, so we didn't get to go see her in the hospital.

By the way, is Mama Cat really Amy Madsen? If so, how can I contact Julie? I haven't communicated with her in over two years! It would be fun to hear from her, especially now that we don't live so far away anymore.

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