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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sleep In Day?

Today the kids don't have school. I was looking forward to this because I thought maybe, just maybe I'd have a chance to sleep in a little instead of getting up and getting them off to school. Well, how dare I? I did manage to stay in bed until 8 (normally I get up at 7:45). WOW! The problem was with what I encountered when I got up.

Last night for Samantha's birthday Jeremy and I gave her a playdough machine that makes little ice cream sundaes. The creativity was in full swing in the kitchen and the kitchen was a disaster. There was playdough all over the table, chairs, floor, and mashed into the bottom of everyone's feet.
This is what the kids were so busy creating.

They also decided to fix their own breakfast. Athena and Samantha had kindly fixed up a drink for the 3 older kids complete with lids and straws. I'm surprised all the cups have lids on them because even I have a hard time tracking down the lids. Good job, girls.

They also each had a little plate of snacks fixed ever so nicely. Their breakfast/snack consisted of Marshmallow Mateys, animal crackers, and a single blow pop for each of them.

At least I know they can take care of themselves if need be . . . in case of emergency or whatever. See if I sleep in again!

1 comment:

Megz said...

I know whose house I'm coming over to for breakfast.
That ice cream sundae thing looks fun. Ethan has been into playdough again lately and I keep hoping that eventually all the dried up bits I keep sweeping up will mean the supply is running out.

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