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Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Have a Birthday :)

Today Samantha turns 7. I really like kid birthdays, it's fun to make it all special for them. Today I am going to bring BlowPops to her school for her to give her class. Then for dinner she requested Philly Steak & Cheese sandwiches dipped in au jus sauce. This is one of her favorites and I'll admit, I do make a MEAN Philly Steak sandwich. Tomorrow I will be throwing her a party with her friends. She wanted a barbie party, so that's what it'll be. I'm making a barbie cake for her party. I wrote on the invitations for each little girl to bring her barbie and we will do various activities with the barbies, watch a barbie movie, and have some free time to play barbies and ponies. I guess that's a dream evening for a 7-year-old little girl.

I am just now posting this picture of her. I took it when we got back from our trip because when we returned, she was missing her front tooth! She is holding it up in the bag. She is very proud of her missing tooth. Samantha sure is growing up. :)

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Chinchia said...

Happy birthday Samantha! You are such a special girl. I'm glad you are in our family. Congratulations on losing your tooth.

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