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Monday, September 22, 2008

First Full DR Day

Sunday when we woke up we were ready to play! We went to eat breakfast in the buffet and I had my most favorite breakfast ever - omelette and fruit. MMMMMM!

After breakfast a group of us got our snorkel gear and headed out to the beach where we snorkeled for about 45 minutes. The water was so comfortable. I could have stayed in it a lot longer if I wasn't getting a headache from my mask. We saw lots of fish and a friend of ours said he saw an octopus too. It was in a little canyon that we were following. The current in the water took us way down the beach and when we finally got out of the water we found we were a couple resorts down from ours, where we started snorkelling. It was a nice walk back. Then we hung out at the beach and did nothing. It felt great.

When we got tired of being at the beach we headed over to the pool and to the swim-up bar to get some of our many drinks we enjoyed while we were there (non-alcoholic of course). I was quite disappointed that this resort didn't offer my favorite drink, the mango-colada. I had to find a new drink instead. My new favorite for this week was the Banana-mama and the majestic mixed with a little pina-colada.

Every day the animation team offered games and contests by the pool. Sunday they had a little ping pong tournament that Jeremy and I participated in. I ended up winning and they awarded me a bottle of rum. Oh goody! I didn't really want the rum, so I gave it to the guy who had runner up. He thought I was giving it to him because he lost and he refused because I was the real winner. Then I told him that I don't drink alcohol and he really could have it. His face changed to pure excitement. So, I'm glad that I could make his day. LOL.

When it got close to dinner time, we all decided to head to our rooms and clean up for dinner. This is where the pictures start. I didn't have the camera with me all day until then.

We walked by this scene on our way to dinner and HAD to take some pictures. It is amazingly beautiful and even better in person.

Here is proof we were there. :)

For dinner we ate in the seafood restaurant. BLAH! I am not a seafood eater, but I decided to suffer through it because we were in a group. Jeremy and I ordered the same thing, only when Jeremy put his order in to the waiter, he ordered the "Groper". I ordered the "Grouper". LOL - nice one Jeremy - read the menu a little closer! Needless to say, the entire dinner for me was disgusting. I think I ended up eating a few pieces of lettuce, a small pile of mashed potatoes, and a lot of drink.

I wasn't the only one who walked away hungry, so we headed to the buffet. Thank goodness it was still open! I filled up on rolls while we were there. In this picture from L to R is Ken, me, Fern, and Brock.

These are our good friends Jared and Amanda.

After the buffet we went to see the evening entertainment. Most everyone was looking forward to this show - Michael Jackson. It actually wasn't too bad. It had 2 guys dressed up as Michael (one kid and one older one that was really tall) and lots of dancers.

I know this picture doesn't make sense to most of you, but I had to include it because it made me laugh. This is the pyrotechnics in the show. A guy ran out onto the stage before this picture and lit this little fountain thing at the front of the stage. Awesome!

When the show was done, the MC said that he would give everyone 3 minutes to come up and take a picture, so the cast just posed and all the audience came up with their cameras. Jeremy was quick to get up there for his turn.

When the show was over, a bunch of us headed over to the disco to dance off our dinner. The music was all latin music so it took us awhile to get into it, but once we did there was no stopping us! Here I am dancing with Kristie.

This is Andrew dancing with one of the Dominican girls from the animation team. We made friends with her throughout the week because she was at all the different activities. I never did learn her name.
Yep, I'm still living it up.

Here is my proof that Jeremy actually WAS in the disco, and that he DID in fact dance. He even admitted he enjoyed himself.
We ended up leaving the disco at about 12:30am and headed to our room for a long sleep on our hard bed.

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