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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh No! Our Mountain is on Fire!!

Yesterday afternoon we were at Seven Peaks and we looked down towards our house and noticed a big plume of smoke. It looked like it was the mountain directly behind our house. As we were driving home, we could see that the fire was actually a few mountains down from ours. As the afternoon and evening progressed, however, the fire just took off and spread across several mountains until our entire view of the mountain was on fire. It is so horribly sad!! You can click on these pictures to enlarge them.

We watched all evening before dusk as helicopters and the huge airplanes with the fire retardant flew over our house. Then as it hit nightfall they couldn't fly anymore and it just became a matter of trying to keep the fire away from the houses. We drove up to see how close it was to the homes at the foothills and while we were sitting there watching, the police came and closed off the road we were sitting on and called for everyone to evacuate their homes and for us to move off the street.

The street in these pictures is 3 blocks from our house. The fire came right down to the houses. Most of our neighbors were out on their lawns or on their roof watching the fire. We also received a call from Daddy telling us to fill up some extra containers of water because the fire was going right down to the town's water supply. Our bishop told Jeremy that he might call him in the middle of the night to help at the church because the bishop was contacted about allowing the evacuees to stay there if necessary.

This is pretty crazy. I'm sad our mountain is burning. We have always had a really pretty view and this is where we look for our fall colors. I hope there will be something left for us to admire. The fire has also moved into the canyon, which is where we enjoy taking our scenic drives. It's too bad.


Callie said...

Oi, thats scary!

Aprilyn said...

I hope it stays away from the homes. Do they know what caused this fire yet?

big8smiley said...

It was caused by a downed power line.

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