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Monday, August 4, 2008

Laguna Beach

On Wednesday we went to Laguna Beach with Robert and Denise. The spot we had was really nice, just a really pretty beach. The sand was the perfect consistency for building with, and we had our own little cove with a lifeguard. Unfortunately for Robert the conditions were not right to boogie board. He was a little disappointed by that. Although the waves were really nice, there were a lot of rocks.

As soon as we arrived and laid out our stuff, we began construction on our sand fortress. The kids went right for the water.
Jeremy busied himself by turning Athena into a mermaid.

Nathan spent several hours running from the waves.

TA DA! The mermaid is complete!

It looks like Denise is giving instructions here while Robert and I continue the construction.

This is what one side of our cove looked like. Very rocky with lots of little tide pools and crabs.

Here is the other side. :)

This is our lifeguard. He was really very nice and talked to us for quite awhile. I wonder what his job must be like day in and day out, to just come and sit on the beach. Nice.

This is Athena's mermaid with a bucket twist. It even has a belly button.

A close-up view of the fortress. It's sweet!

We made sure our people are well protected with plenty of levels and stairs.

Almost finished! Actually our design was really nice and it withstood several waves before it fell due to the rising tide. I'm quite proud of our work and it was really fun to build.

The only bummer to our beach day is that as we were getting close to leaving, Samantha stepped on a bee. I felt so bad for her! It seems like whatever trip we are on, if someone is going to get hurt, it's Samantha. The lifeguard was really nice and he doctored her up. He even let her choose a special Looney Toons bandaid to put on it.
After going to the beach we were all starving so we took a drive and ate at a mexican restaurant called Wahoo's. Quite tasty! I'd go there again, except we don't have them by our house. This turned out to be a really fun day at the beach.

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Chinchia said...

That's nice to have a beach day where you aren't surrounded by other people. More relaxing. Your fort looks like it was fun to make and detail.

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