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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Fall FHE

Last Monday for FHE I had a last-minute creative idea. I couldn't believe it myself! I hurried and whipped up some cupcakes, which we RARELY have at our house. I had to take this picture as proof! While I decorated them, Jeremy and the kids sat around the table and read scriptures.

After reading scriptures I got the supplies out and let the kids make some fun Halloween pictures.

They were excited about this and got right to work. Athena is making a spider.

Nathan just likes to cut paper into little tiny bits. This is his fall activity for today.

Alexandra didn't do art, she just enjoyed the cupcakes.

Here is Athena's proud display.

Samantha's finished products. A witch and a haunted house!

After the fall art, all the kids really enjoyed the cupcakes, and yes they were very tasty. :)


bobatharoo said...

I'm copying. Maybe not the cupcakes but some delicious sugar cookies.

Cynthia said...

You and Cathy make me feel like a total loser. With Brett's work schedule our family home evenings basically don't exist. I need to make a better effort to make it happen even if he isn't going to be here.

The Allreds said...

you're an artist...I love those cupcakes!

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