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Friday, October 10, 2008

Flying Diapers

I love it when something so random happens that all you can do is have a good, hearty laugh. :)

We have this habit of, when we change a diaper in the family room, we throw it into the kitchen by the laundry room so when we go in there we can throw it away. Don't worry, we don't throw the poopy ones. Jeremy changed Alexandra's diaper Wednesday night and chucked it towards the garbage. All of a sudden it just stopped, and stuck.

Here is where it landed! It just stayed there! LOL. He had to go and pry the little diaper fibers off the frame. What in the world??? He couldn't do that again if he tried. (Please don't try, Jeremy.)


Demi said...

Aren't blogs wonderful. How did they catalog the funny stuff like this before?

Megz said...

I am sure there is supposed to be some deep sign meant from where the diaper landed, but I guess I am not deep enough to figure it out. I hope you can!

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