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Friday, October 3, 2008


OK, Megan, this one is for you. I was most certainly NOT smiling when the guy first put them on me. I was freaking out. Jeremy was sure quick to capture this moment of surprise. I really only smiled for a second for that picture and then I had him hurry and take them off. One of the snakes was moving around under my arm and I could feel it slithering into my armpit. It was really gross. By the way, I also didn't tip the guy for my snake experience. Sorry, dude.


Chinchia said...

This picture is most representative of how I would react in that situation. Except that the picture would be all blurry from me running around frantically screaming!

The Allreds said...

I would have passed out in fright, that's my WORST nightmare, really! yuck! Glad you were a good sport and at least tried it out. That's something I'll NEVER be able to say I've done! Hats off to you girl!! whew!

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