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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Host A Murder Party

Last weekend Jeremy and I went to our traditional How to Host a Murder party at our friend's cabin. The theme of the party was "A Murder on the Grill" and was staged in Kansas City, Missouri in 1959.

This is the cabin we stayed in. It's bigger than our house! We have come up here several times, but still, when I think of cabin I think of a little log structure big enough for a bed and a small bathroom. So to me, this is a house that is made to look like a cabin. :)

The room we stayed in was nice. It's on the 2nd floor - so those were our windows. It had it's own bathroom, walk-in closet, gas fireplace, deck, and sitting area.

Here is the bed we slept in. It was cozy.

For the party, we were all given specific instructions on who are characters were and what we were to wear to the party. We had a barbecue dinner that followed the menu that comes included in the game. It was really tasty! Then we started our party.

This is Russ and Dede. They came as the characters Ivan Spudnik (a Russian rocket scientist) and Tiara Diamond (the newly crowned Miss Kansas City).

Here are Jeremy and I. Our characters were Johnny Angel (a mechanic who likes to cruise for chicks in his '57 Chevy) and Barby Q (a blond divorcee with an IQ of 140 and heartaches by the number).

Our friends who hosted the party are Mike and Kristi. Their characters were Chubby Cheddar (a Rock 'n Roll musician who finally made it big) and Bobby Sox (National hula hoop champion of 1958).

The party was really a lot of fun. We played the murder game until about 10:00 pm and it was revealed that Dede was the murderer. It finally wasn't me! I've been the murderer the past 2 out of 3 games. It was nice to get a little break. :)

After the party we played a couple of games. One game we played is called 25 Words or Less. You have to try to get your team to guess a series of words in as few clues as possible. Jeremy had us all rolling on the floor with laughter. I have to give him a little credit because it was late and none of our brains were working at full capacity, but he did give us a good laugh! An example: he was trying to get us to guess the words, "rain check". He thought for a good while and then wasted 4 word clues by saying, "no . . . food . . . in . . . store". OK, maybe you had to be there, but we were laughing so hard! The other team hadn't a clue what he was trying to describe. He also used 3 words on "blue blank bow". That was his clue to get them to guess "ribbon". Sorry Jeremy, I had to write it down so I can remember it for later. It was a classic!

After the games we tried to watch the movie "Clue", but everyone fell asleep within the first 15 minutes.

In the morning we enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in until 8:30! Then Jeremy and I got up. He went to make french toast for breakfast and I took a shower. Then after breakfast we played a fun game of dodgeball with everyone. Half of the people stand up in the loft and half stand below in the family room. You have to throw these little soft balls at each other and try to hit the other team. If you get hit or if someone catches your ball you are out. We were running around and up and down the stairs like mad. After about 35 minutes of dodgeball we were all worn out an burning up, so we headed outside and rode on the 4-wheelers for an hour.

Jeremy and I had to leave the earliest to pick up our kids, so we cut our 4-wheeler ride short and went back to pack our things.

It was a really fun little party. I like this tradition. I'm hoping we don't run out of murder scenarios and have to stop our annual parties. We have done 4 of them now. I don't know how many there are in circulation. Thanks Mike and Kristi for the party!


Cynthia said...

What a fun night. It's nice to have couple friends to hang out with without kids. We all love our kids but it's nice to do some grown-up activities sometimes too.

dena4kids said...

Sounds like fun times girl! Hey where is Perhaps Love why isn't it on your music player?=)

big8smiley said...

OK Dena, I added it just for you. :) I had thought about adding it but hadn't got to it yet.

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