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Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday in the DR

On Thursday we slept in for a little while and it felt so good! Then we had to get up so we didn't miss breakfast. At breakfast we decided to walk down to the flea markets that were just a short walk outside our resort. On our way there our friends snapped this picture for us in front of the sign for our resort. We stayed at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana.

I think that the flea market here was worse than in Mexico. The people were much more pressuring for us to visit their shops. I was so nervous when we got to the flea market because of how much they were all beckoning for us to come in. I told Jeremy to stay right by my side. They pretty much led us through the flea market one shop at a time. I learned to be very specific about what I was looking for because if the seller didn't have the item I said I wanted, then it was a good way to get out of the store. We did eventually find what we were looking for and even made a few friends along the way. The people were actually very nice, it's just the way they do business.

We ended up getting a shirt for Nathan, earrings for the girls, a dress for Alexandra, a ring and a hat for Jeremy, some picture frames, and some white vanilla. One guy also gave Jeremy and I a necklace and another guy gave me a bracelet. We took this picture of a shopkeeper who helped us out. We bartered with him for quite awhile and had fun doing it. We finally struck our deals and then stayed and talked for a little bit.

After the flea market I bet you can guess what we did! Yes, we were back to the pool and the beach. We ended up playing beach volleyball with some people from Jeremy's work and other vacationers. We played for about an hour and then relaxed for a couple of hours in the pool.

As we were walking to dinner, we noticed that all the guys from the flea market brought a lot of their goods to the resort for an evening sale. Jeremy and I took bets on how many times we would be approached if we just booked it from one end to the other. We walked about 150 feet and got approached 13 times. I don't remember who won the bet. At the end of the walk one of the sellers had all of this art on display. I really liked the pieces and would have liked to bring one home, but I was out of money. Instead I just took some pictures to remember the local art.

Then off to dinner! Here is our dinner group. We ate at the French Restaurant again.

For some odd reason Jeremy thought it was important to have proof that I ate shrimp. Yes, I did eat some shrimp on our trip, but that doesn't make me a shrimp lover by any means. I tried it 3 times during the week and I liked it once because of the sauce that was on it. You won't catch me ordering a platter of shrimp any time soon. The one in my mouth was not a yummy one. In fact, it was my last.

After dinner we were all full and wanted to just sit, so we hung out in the lobby and did nothing.

Jeremy even started to doze off. I guess all the excitement finally caught up to him.

When we did decide to get up, we walked out towards the beach and talked until we were too tired to stand any more. Then we went to bed. Here are the guys headed towards the beach.

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Chinchia said...

Again, what can I say...FUN!FUN!FUN!

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