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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red Barn Pumpkin Patch

For family home evening last night we went to the Red Barn to pick out our pumpkins for this year. When we arrived we got on this trailer that's pulled by a tractor and the driver took us to the pumpkin patch. All the kids loved the ride. :)

All the kids went straight to work, busily attempting to find the perfect pumpkin.

We put all of our choices here and had to take turns guarding them while others went to look for more pumpkins. Even Alexandra got in on the fun.

We told the kids they had to be able to carry their pumpkin out of the patch. If they couldn't carry it, then they needed to find a smaller one. This is Nathan's pick! He was so proud of it. I'm glad he was able to choose his own. BTW, I ended up carrying his.

These are the final choices. Notice that Athena's pumpkin is green??? She insisted on having a green one. THAT should be fun to clean out.

Jeremy was very proud of his big pumpkin too. I didn't get a great picture of it, but he is holding it down by his knees. Jeremy carried his pumpkin from the other side of the pumpkin patch to where we were standing. Shortly after Jeremy brought it over, this kid came over and said that it was his pumpkin. Both Jeremy and I told the kid that it wasn't his and that Jeremy just finished carrying it over here. The kid then stood there and put his foot up on the pumpkin, like he was just resting his foot there. I told the kid - "Take your foot off the pumpkin please. It isn't your pumpkin, it's ours. We carried it over here." Then the kid looked up a little ways past us and said, "Oh, there's my pumpkin!" Uh, nice one, kid.

I didn't pick a pumpkin for myself out of the patch because I already have 3 of my own.

And 2 ghosts!

Alexandra and Samantha as the siamese ghost!

Finally we have a new family fall picture. We are done picking our pumpkins and ready to go back.

We all boarded the trailer and went for a ride back to the Red Barn.

The kids waited here while Jeremy loaded the pumpkins into the van.

Then we went inside for ice cream. We will be coming back to the Red Barn for ice cream for sure. It was really good! Nice and creamy and delicious. Nathan ate his the fastest I've ever seen him eat anything. He was the first one done.

Athena and Samantha enjoyed theirs too. They took more time eating it because they had to put a lot of effort into shaping the ice cream perfectly with their tongues. For them it's about the art of eating the ice cream.

Alexandra shared with me - of course. :)

This was a really fun family home evening and I'm sure we will repeat this trip again next year. The kids had a blast.

I liked looking through the Red Barn too. They sell lots of yummy stuff. I had my eye on the fudge they sell. I will for sure go back for that! I didn't know we had fudge so close to where we live. It could be dangerous for my belly to have that knowledge. They also had lots of fresh mountain fruits, jams, jellies, and local produced products. :)


Megz said...

We love the Red Barn too. They make yummy apple spice donut holes too if you are ever in the market..
I liked imagining you and Jeremy having a smackdown w/ a kid over a pumpkin. I'll make sure not to steal any off of your porch this year!

Chinchia said...

What a fun time. Our annual pumpkin patch run isn't until October 18th. We always go earlier in the month with our friends from Huntington Beach. This time we just couldn't make the schedule work until that close to Halloween. I know it will still be a lot of fun. We do a hay maze, pick a pumpkin, ride the hay ride and shop in the little store they have there. Seeing your fun time makes me look forward to ours even more.

Mama Cat said...

We always meant to go to the Red Barn for ice cream, and in our 15 years of dating/married life in Utah, we never made it. We always seemed to drive by it on Sunday, or first thing in the morning on a road trip or something. I'm sad to hear the ice cream is so good--and to think I missed out on that! It's probably just as well. Maybe we'll make a trip down at Christmas.

Aprilyn said...

That sounds like fun.
I thought of you last Thursday. Ok, so I think of you every day when I see your blog on the list of blogs I check. But this time I was in Payson and wishing I could have stopped. Unfortunately, Marshall had broken my glasses and I was trying to drive with them barely balanced on my face and had to hurry home for a million other things to be ready for Pack Meeting that night. Crazy times.

The Allreds said...

yum, and fun! have to take my kids there soon, we seem to only make it there for special occasions: preschool field trips or if there's family in town. I'm sure my car will make it there even if it's not a "special" occasion!

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