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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last DR Day

This is my last trip post. I wanted to get some pictures of our surroundings that I neglected to get while we were there, so Saturday morning before we left, we walked around snapping pictures and trying to drink in the last of our beautiful surroundings.

This is the omelet station - my favorite and only thing to eat for breakfast. Omelets are my favorite breakfast and who can refuse when they will make it fresh for you every day! I came to know this place well.

This was my typical breakfast every day of our trip. Omelet with lots of fresh fruit. I never liked mangos before this trip, but the mangos here just melt in your mouth.

This is a picture of the courtyard. We are standing right outside our room on the 2nd floor.

This is the building we saw every day when we came out of our room to get on the walkway. It's the spa. This was our common meeting place to meet up with our group on several nights.

Here are some of the walkways that lead throughout the resort. It's all so pretty!

I finally managed to get a picture of this cool tree in the daylight.

This shipwreck was just off the beach where we were staying.

Here is the beach with all the cabanas. These are the same cabanas that kept us dry the night before from the downpour. They are actually quite strong little structures.

I had to get a picture of this because it was so interesting to me. It is some men working on a new wing of the resort. The reason why it's interesting to me is because we saw several buildings in various stages of construction while in the Dominican Republic and one thing that stood out to us is their lack of heavy machinery. All their buildings were build with hard labor from the ground up. They didn't start with a big steel structure. It was men literally starting by laying cinder blocks on the ground and building up until they finished the first floor. Then moving on to the 2nd floor, then onto the 3rd. They cinder block the walls, then cement over the cinder blocks, then paint over the cement.

This is the walkway that parallels the beach.

This is the restaurant that's out by the beach. It's just an open air restaurant that has a lunch buffet and 2 restaurants in the evening.

Here is where we parked our stuff every day to swim. It's also where the animation team runs all their poolside activities. One thing I regret is that I never got a picture of "Speedo Bob" who hung out here every day, in his speedo, and participated in every single activity the animation team ever put on. We had a fun time watching him. :)

Here we are just before checking out of the hotel.

Now we are on the bus, ready to depart. I'm thinking, let's just get this over with!

We had a really fun time visiting with Kevin and Stacy. Here they are next to us on the bus.

When we got to the airport we only had to wait a couple of hours before our departure time. When it was time to go out to our plane, this is the way we went. Down this outdoor covered walkway. There was a group playing music very loudly at the end of it.

Here is our plane!

The airport at a backward glance.

One last picture of Brock, the stud.

Me, ready to board. Goodbye wonderful Dominican Republic vacation.

Jeremy snapped this picture as we were flying away. We actually were able to spot our resort from the air. Our resort sits right on that tip of the island that juts out and goes straight inland.


Cynthia said...

I'll say it one last time...FUN!!! I'm glad you guys had that opportunity.

The Allreds said...

that airport looks like it could fly away with a big gust of wind! great pictures! I like that unusual tree! beautiful surroundings!

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