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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye Settlers

Last night I had the strangest dream (again). I really don't know where these things come from!

I dreamed that I was among a huge group of people, probably 1000 or more. We were having a big party on this huge plot of land that was a dried up river bed. People were doing all kinds of things - playing frisbee, volleyball, having picnics, walking around, etc. I looked over and noticed that Cathy was setting up my game of Settlers to play with Daddy and I. I was standing on the bank of the river bed, not in the river bed itself.

Just then we all heard a loud crashing noise. I looked up and saw a wall of water coming at the top of the river bed. Just before it hit into people, it instantly froze. It actually looked really pretty because it was frozen in the shape of frothy water and was all shades of blue and white. Everyone just stood there and admired it.

Then we heard another loud crashing noise. Another wall of water was coming towards us and this time it went a little bit further than the first one and actually got a few people wet. Then it froze too. Again we all stood and admired the beauty of it. Then everyone went on with what they were doing.

This happened a couple more times, and each time it would get closer and closer to the people, getting a few more people wet each time.

Then finally, everything shook and an enormous wall of water came towards us. It didn't freeze or stop. It came crashing down and filled up the entire river bed. Everyone was screaming and running frantically to get out of the way. It plowed over most of the people at the party because they were all still playing IN the river bed. It carried a lot of people downstream with it. We were all crying and didn't really know what to do, just kind of in shock.

After it calmed down and was just a river, instead of a raging wall of water, we looked around to survey the damage. I looked to where Cathy was setting up the game and I saw the board game floating upside down in the water. I ran over to it, through the water, and picked up the game - flipping it over. My first thought was, "Oh no! The pieces have all sunk to the bottom!" Then I looked at how wilted the game was because it was wet and realized we would never be able to play it again. I started crying and said, "Daddy is going to be SO MAD!" I ran up out of the river to show it to him and he said it was OK because we could play his settlers game.

That's pretty much the gist of the dream. What in the world???? Maybe I need to learn to keep my family out of the river bed. How did Settlers fit into that scenario? I didn't realize it meant so much to me. Anyways . . . just thought I'd share. I woke up in a state of confusion about the whole thing. :) Now I've given you something to think about for the day!

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Piglet 26 said...

ummm...I too am a settlers junkie! but that aside, I just checked out your blog for like an hour and can I just asy that I am soooooooo jealous that you guys went to DR! Ugh, and what the crap?!? You look like a freakin' babe! Holy hotness, you are lookin good! say hi to jeremy...

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