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Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorating for Christmas!

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we got up, showered, and pulled everything up from downstairs to transform our home into a festive Christmas atmosphere. Jeremy got the tree in its stand and brought it in the house. Then it was my job to take it from there.

I'm always in charge of doing the lights because I have a little more patience than Jeremy. Our tree smells SO GOOD this year! I had to keep stopping and sniffing the branches.

It took me about an hour to adorn our tree with lights. I like to wrap the light strings around each and every branch. Once I finished that job, I called the kids in to hang the ornaments. We have a system for that too. I sit and take ornaments out of their boxes and put hooks on them. The kids stand around me and take turns getting the ornaments from me to the tree. Usually we end up with clumps of ornaments in one spot and a several big bare spots. This year Athena and Samantha were more careful not to let that happen. They even directed Nathan to the empty spots. Alexandra really got a kick out of helping this year. She really looked cute walking around with the bulbs. She would take them from me and bring them to Jeremy to put in the high places.

Here are the kids hanging their decorations. I enjoy seeing their excitement as they are reintroduced to the decorations from years past.

The actual decorating part of the tree went really fast. I think we got it all done in about 20 minutes! Here is the finished product.

Athena and Samantha took the initiative to pull out all the other decorations that didn't go on the tree and find places to put them throughout the house. They decorated the piano all by themselves. Then Jeremy added a little lighting to add to the mood.

My only real mishap this year was with the banister. I usually put lights all along the banister, then beads, then the garland. I completed the first 2 steps, and for some reason when I got to the garland, it just wasn't long enough this year! I am SURE that I've always been able to turn the corner of the railing with the garland. Honestly I don't know what happened. I was tired of decorating at that point and didn't want to take it all apart, so this is how it looks. I still haven't decided whether or not to redo it, so I think that means it will stay how it is! :) It's ok. You don't have to come and look at it if you don't want to.

I love having all our Christmas stuff set up and I'm glad that the actual "setting up" is done. Alexandra keeps going in and pulling the bulbs off the tree. It only pulls off the bulb, not the top of the bulb with the hook. I have to keep going in and searching the tree for an extra hook and bulb top. I guess that just means she likes it too! We are all excited for Christmas to come. :)


dena4kids said...

Nice decorations! I Love the snowmen on the piano! Did you put up any decorations outside? I love Christmas time!!!!!!!!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Beautiful Tree! Although, I would never do the lights...I have no patience, so you are a way better person than I am.

Shnopa said...

You can try our little trick to keep Alexandra from pulling the bulbs off the tree - just put her in the highchair for about 15-20 minutes every time she touches the tree. It only takes a time or two of that and then they leave it alone. But maybe you're nicer than me.

The Allreds said...

gorgeous tree. my fake one keeps waiting for me to decorate it. hard with all this laundry, running kids back and forth from school and these darn INTERNET traps...gotta keep in touch with friends, right!??!

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